Recommended Watching: David Bowie on Arte

©Screenshot Arte

“You can’t not do it! Bowie was more in touch with fashion than anyone, you have to write something about him.” Contenders for the managing editor’s post are cleverly lined up in the editorial department, ready to exert their influence on the content. All jokes aside, that comment from a good friend and journalist resonated: We actually made a conscious decision to skip the topic of Bowie.

Then, on Arte, my favorite channel, I came across the BBC documentary “David Bowie: Five Years.” And I want to give a heartfelt recommendation for this production as a in-depth trip down memory lane about this exceptional talent – and, it’s free of all the media hysteria that has flooded more than just my social media the last few days

Any German or French-speaking readers still have until January 21st to gain valuable insights and can view the documentary here. And “David Bowie and the Story of Ziggy Stardust” here is quite a find as well. Favorite music video – shortly before music videos lost relevance – is and will remain the collaboration with Tilda Swinton and Saskia de Brauw in “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).”