Recommended Reading: Annabelle Selldorf Interview


Years ago I was sitting behind Annabelle Selldorf on a plane and since then I’ve been keeping track of the latest projects she’s realized as an architect. Well, now she conducted an interview with the LA Times, because she recently was in involved in the renovation of the premises for the “world’s largest gallery”.  She supported the leading architect Evan Raabe, to create a new home for Hauser, Schimmel and Wirth in Los Angeles. Working with objects full of flaws and restrictions is her specialty: For the Neue Galerie in New York she challenged herself to provide existing structure with a new shape and interior.

Her work for the branch in Chelsea (NY) was rewarded with a “Medal of Honour” by the American Institute of Architects. By now, her New York based office includes a staff of 65 proud employees. In April the publishing house Phaidon will issue a collected edition of her 30 most remarkable works. See for yourself what else she hast to tell, here.