Playlist: Darius Ghanai

© Julia Zierer

Have you ever been to a movie and realized afterwards that the title sequence (characteristic for James Bond movies) was almost better than the final work? The art of  expressing the emotion and atmosphere of whole movie in a title sequence, always mesmerized me somehow. Darius Ghanai does just that for a living, and ever since he worked his wonders for “Good Bye Lenin” in 2003 (his professional breakthrough) he has made a name for himself in the German film industry. Anyway does not exclusively commit himself to this certain niche.

When by chance, he was introduced to me last summer while lunching at  the Chipperfield canteen, we promptly came to his second passion, which is music – preferably on vinyl. Rumour has it that his record collection is stored on shelves that reach up to the ceiling of his apartment. For me, it was obvious that he would be THE next candidate for our “Playlist”  when the time has come, even if it took some persuasive powers until we settled on Spotify as a medium. Still, the final result is all the more fascinating.

His interest in music manifested during his school years: “I was once admonished by a teacher and my punishment was, to come forward and sing a song. After a first scare I noticed how much fun I had, so this moment initiated my love for music”. In the 80s he finished his graphic arts degree and then devoted himself to singing and songwriting for the following ten years.

In the 90s Apple’s Computing revolution enabled him to combine graphics and music, he pursued his interest in Motion Graphics in more depth. Shortly before, in 1998, he worked on a film project with Helmut Dietl, that allowed him to harvest his sense for rhythm and music for the first time. Thereafter, he moved to Berlin, starting the next chapter of his life by founding the production company “light noise”, which specialized in above trailers.

As if that were not enough, never commit and always keep your eyes and ears open. Ghanai’s last and latest project was issued in cooperation “Roy & Pris” a top notch restaurant, located in Weinbergsweg in Berlin-Mitte, where he co-designed the art at the entrance and a light installation and last but not least the restaurant’s corporate branding.

It is our great pleasure to introduce his favorite music here. Thank you dearest Darius!


Translation: Jessica Aimufua