Letting Go! Yoga with Michaela Aue

“Letting go” seems to be one of the hardest things to do in most people’s lives.

As humans we have the tendency to live in certain patterns and habits that we repeat over and over (and over) again throughout our lives. But – you may ask now – why? Because it’s comfortable. Comfortable in the sense of non-scary, doing the same stuff again and again, the outcome is foreseeable, nothing to be afraid of – even so, we may not necessarily enjoy it. We establish the so-called comfort zone that we live in, which, in most cases, gives you a sense of security. But does it really? Sure, I was living in my comfort zone for quite some time and I can’t really tell you what it was that hit me at some point, but last year the urge to go travel, to leave the comfort of my own home, the city I live in and most of all my friends and family become so strong that I could no longer deny it. To make it even more uncomfortable I decided to only take one small carry-on bag with me, letting go of all the fancy clothes hanging in my closet and really only focusing on a few essentials. I scheduled a two month trip, all by myself – I was WAY out of my comfort zone, but guess what? After almost coming back after the first week, I managed to let go of my fears of being alone, of not being safe, not being supported, whatever it was I was thinking it magically disappeared. True, living under palm trees, sun on my face and the ocean close by always helps. But even after coming back to grey old Berlin (trust me, no matter where you go, never come back in February) I somewhat managed to stay out of my comfort zone.

I welcomed things I never thought I would into my life, like this new space that we call Your Space. Four months ago, I never would have thought I would open something like a studio. Yes, I know, never say never. The opportunity presented itself magically, I visited my friend at his art space, fell in love (with the space, not with him), called my friend Sophie and four weeks later, tadaa! Your Space – a place for mindfulness and creativity with a bit of a Mexican vibe, hence our love for cacti and Chucho, our Day of the Dead dog (please ask Sophie about him). Even so, we are both way out of our comfort zone with this, running a place, finding all these amazing teachers and wisdom keepers, making sure people come and have a good time, everything. Every morning we meet on our mats to do yoga and meditate, sending out gratitude for this amazing adventure and gathering our positive energy to keep it up and running. Today we’ll take you to Your Space virtually and show you a challenging yoga routine for those times you have the feeling you need to let go – of whatever it might be.

This routine includes standing and seated forward bends that get into your hamstrings. Gently breathe through them, don’t hold on to visions, pain or any kind of thoughts that may come up along the way. Just breathe and, especially for the seated forward bends, find a moment of surrender, meaning no matter how hard you want your forehead to touch your knees, let it go, stop pulling on your legs, leave your hands alongside your legs and breathe. Make sure to warm up with a few rounds of Sun Salutations to make it easier on your hamstrings.

Let go and open yourself up to the magic that will flow out of that.




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Michaela Aue

Michaela has been practicing Yoga ever since she was a teenager. Having practiced many different styles with many different teachers all over the world, it was not one moment in particular but the cumulation of so many moments and that feeling of being able to create space through movement, that made her decide to become a yoga teacher herself. She started teaching in 2014 and is still an avid student motivated by the deep release and feeling of expansion body and mind receive through yoga and movement. When she is not teaching Yoga, Michaela works as a PR & Communications consultant.