Launch: Tommy Hilfiger X Gigi Hadid Collection in Berlin

©Collage / Oriane Baud

Gigi Hadid launched the new capsule collection Tommy X Gigi in Berlin, gathering together some talented women including Veronika Heilbrunner

Last year, when Gigi Hadid was announced as global brand ambassador of Tommy Hilfiger, we sensed right away, that there was something special coming up. After all, the 21-year-old has been taking the fashion world by storm ever since she signed with IMG models in 2011. Los Angeles born and bred, she is usually known as the quintessential California Girl: beach hair, sun-kissed tan, denim cut-offs – you know the drill. This fall however, the model of the moment switched things up a little, by giving Tommy’s all-american aesthetic a new allure.

As it turns out Gigi and Mr. Hilfiger himself were a great team: Tommy was pleased to work with the icon of the snapchat generation and Gigi was equally thrilled to collaborate with this one of a kind fashion legend. Their mutually beneficial work, later originated a hashtag (and a marketing campaign) by the title #bettertogether.

In the course of the “Together Tour” Gigi presented her collaboration to customers and fans all over the world. First stop on the itinerary: Berlin. On September 2, she gathered several local influencers including our very own Veronika Heilbrunner, at Soho House. Among the group of talented women: blogger and entrepreneur Lena Lademann, choreographer Nikeata Thompson, Dj and producer Peggy Gould, TV host and activist Wana Limar and many more – creating an energy with creative input from various fields. And right in the middle of it all: Gigi Hadid. The intimate gathering was hosted at the in-house Club Room, that presented a perfect setting with its elegant wood panelling and a red velvet carpet. Over tea, the girls chatted about their favourite pieces from the collection and the word is out that all attendees were swept off their feet by Gigi’s candid and cordial nature.

The raw and hazy video footage of Gigi’s Berlin stay explores the urban surroundings and perfectly captures Berlin’s rough charm that nicely juxtaposes with the polished interior of the Club Room. The two-minute clip also lets us take a closer glimpse at Gigi’s cheerful disposition. Isn’t it charming, for instance, to hear one of today’s most famous supermodels compliment another girl on how pretty she finds their Instagram feed? It is hence no surprise that the afternoon turned out to be a real delight. As Veronika remarked, it was particularly exciting for Gigi to chat about different ways of styling the pieces – just a bunch of girls getting together, talking about their passions and inspirations.

Later that day Gigi took the stage at the newly reestablished Bread & Butter fair, sponsored by Zalando, for the European premiere of her collection. Apparently on that same evening, she headed back to New York to cast the models for the big opening show. As the global premier kicked off on September 9 in New York CIty, Gigi’s friends and family were all in attendance, to cheer her on in the front row. The event took place at Pier 16, in Manhattan’s South Street Seaport district near Wall Street, and looked like a downright fashion carnival – hot dogs, cotton candy and a giant ferris wheel included. To top it off, the #TommyNow, instant purchase procedure was introduced, as the pieces were available online, the second they were sported on the runway.

Gigi made it her mission to create an overall apparel that is fashionable and chic, but makes young girls feel comfortable in their skin. Thus, the capsule collection included lots of denim, cosy knits, flowing dresses as well as cable stitch details, anchor prints and sailor stripes – perfectly in line with the nautical theme of the Fall Winter Collection 2016, which was presented earlier this year, in February. As a real California-Girl Gigi’s her two favourite pieces of the collection, perfectly match her West Coast heritage: a black bodysuit that seems just perfect for California pool parties. Plus, a laid back oversized hooded sweater, that is just the right fit to hide away from paparazzi and show some classic 90’s Tommy logo love while at it.

According to Gigi, there is one obvious perk in designing and promoting your own collection. Namely, that packing her suitcase for lengthy trips is totally hassle free now. After all, she is always accompanied by her own collection, and thus, is free create new styles and combine endlessly. That is one enviable way of travelling lightly!

After spending a gap year in Paris, Jessica Aimufua set her heart on Berlin, starting her art history and cultural studies undergrad in 2012. As a keen observer and critical thinker she developed an urge to express herself inventively at an early age. In both English and German she writes about contemporary culture and modern aesthetics, with a focus on film, fashion and art . At hey woman! she writes, edits and translates.