Horoscope 2017

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Alexandra Kruse reveals the upcoming star constellations and what they mean for every sign of the zodiac

The best thing about 2016 is that it’s almost over – with all of its trials and tribulations, at times it very dramatically felt like you were walking blindfolded through a labyrinth only to find out at the end that Disneyland had burned down, there’s no dessert, and the thing with the prince turned out to be a fake.

And that’s somehow also ok, because a real princess deserves a proper palace and not one that’s popped out of some old man’s phantasy. And certainly no guys that were once frogs. In any case, it would be easy to claim that Walt Disney, the Kardashians, or Donald Trump were to blame.

Not one stone rests on another, not one heart unruffled, and not one still-so-dark topic untouched. And that’s also good. What it’s about is that we’re all slowly but surely waking up from a deep sleep – true, there is actually a collective awakening that is always being spoken about – how else can you explain the commercial success of unicorns, yoga retreats, and green smoothies? Look and check out what’s going on.

The truth: We create our own empires for ourselves and our own dramas, we search out our own fights, and if this rollercoaster year has taught us anything, then it’s that you can’t control anything or hold on to anything, and it’s up to us when and if something changes. And even if sometimes things happen that you can’t change, how we react is still always up to us.

Of course you can hide under the bed, call your mom, or simply say: Stop – not in my name. Each of us has a voice and now it’s just about using it cleverly. Sometimes staying silent with a properly manicured middle finger.

According to pretty much every prophecy (those of Susan Miller and the Astro Twins at the front of the line!) 2017 is going to be great, or at least a lot better. Numerology (2+0+1+7=10 [1+0=1]) also signals a re-set – the energies are orienting themselves to a new beginning.

It’s time to finally let go of the old, to confront its demons, and to create something completely from your own power. Your disco needs you!!

Studying the year 2017 ©Alexandra Kruse

And yes: Absolutely you get scared when it suddenly becomes clear that you really, really can’t be bothered anymore to be at the office at 8am, solving other people’s problems for a wage that precludes a few pairs of Manolos (and don’t even think about the Maldives).

There’s nothing wrong with dropping everything and making a pilgrimage to Standing Rock (even if there’s the danger that the tear gas will get your mascara running), finally building a house at the foot of the Himalayas, writing a cookbook for dogs, or investing three month’s rent in fairtrade gold. Taking a ceramics course in Bali or learning how to play the drums. And never buying anything from H&M again and canceling your account at the bank that, as an investor, wants to run pipelines through holy land.


It’s not about just hearing the call of your soul. No. It’s also about doing what it wants. To take responsibility for your dreams. And then to do it exactly like the Nike slogan (Nike, by the way, is the goddess of victory): JUST DO IT. Even when everyone else says it won’t work.

Healing lies in radical self-love – even if it’s difficult to like yourself with all of your good and bad sides (btw: any number of good sides, just write them out…and yes, being able to tell the difference between good shoes and expensive, but not so good shoes IS a core skill) and take yourself by the arm. With all of your quirks. And without always covering up everything about yourself, optimizing, or analyzing.

It hasn’t all passed us by without leaving behind some collateral damage (it cost me my long hair and unfortunately these new wrinkles aren’t just from smiling). AND we’ve made things good out of that, fought, let go, and learned something again – even if sometimes it was so turbulent that we got dizzy. That’s a reason to celebrate.

Drums and trumpets for 2017 and that it’s all still unwritten. And 2017 has sun, and with that comes light and a bunch of vitamin D. On the 21st of March, the sun will begin its annual astrological duty. A lust for life, joy, and healthy self-confidence are the gifts it will bring. And in the process, it will help us to get REAL and stay that way, to get in touch with others, and to stand on our own sunny sides. Individually in society – it’s time for a new sun cult and a peaceful revolution. The time is NOW.

Zodiac Symbol Aries
Zodiac Symbol Taurus


Departure! Change! As an amazingly stubborn creature, of course you probably know exactly what you want and you’re ready to grab 2017 by the horns and bang it into the wall. And therein lies a certain responsibility, naturally, namely going through with it.

As the first sign, Aries fights to free the path for the rest of us. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will be in balance through October (exactly vis-à-vis) and will help with starting things with the right grain of luck and overcoming barriers (and yes, it’s acceptable to sing along loudly to Fred vom Jupiter in his honor and to give it your best, even when it doesn’t work out…Fred helps.)

And as if it couldn’t be better, a good Venus comes to cuddle from February until October – instant soul mate guarantee, if you let it – 2017 is no year to be alone, and even at work, teamwork is the key. Otherwise, if you still want to break through the wall with your head, it helps to have your feet firmly anchored on mother earth (or this sweatshirt and do something good for your body and mother earth, so that the spirit can rest). We recommend Shirodhara, an ayurvedic treatment, which thanks to a lot of oil doesn’t just take care of oily hair, but also cares for a clear conscience.


It’s difficult to always have to prove yourself again. But everything, even what was still tedious, will suddenly get easier. #Workworkwork. That’s what it’s called for everyone who likes seeing red. And it doesn’t always have to be a toreador in tight pants that you’d gladly take up on your horn – it can also be a really gentle and creative revolution that’s imminent: beginning something in your own creative space that leans towards beautiful art. And when it comes to the cash, no problem – as a Taurus, in general, you have pretty good footing that this year will finally end gilded.

A favorable Neptune aspect (Neptune is named for the Roman god of the sea) could make you more daring than usual when risking big treasures. Gladly also with a mermaid fin – they love money, after all – the main point is movement. So as a result, it’s also ok to flog your whole wardrobe on Vestiaire and to invest in Céline Look 24. Red, of course!!!! Oh, but not between the 5th of March and the 15th of April – that’s when Venus is in retrograde and you should stay away from radical changes.

Zodiac Symbol Gemini
Zodiac Symbol Cancer


Lisa and Lotte, the Olsens… whatever, as a Gemini (the sign of the twins) you’ve gotten used to paying attention to both sides of the coin, the good as well as the bad. But now it’s time to leave behind the always-looking-twice and the eternal hair-in-the-soup-appeals. Gemini is basically the ultimate jackpot winner of 2017. Jupiter is going to occupy a spot that lets almost anything work out.

With singular effortlessness, skill, and creativity, you’ll be on a winged unicorn galloping over all the hurdles in your way. But ONLY if you know where you’re headed in the face of so many castles in the sky. The question is: what do I really want? Faced with inconsistency, one can get bogged down quickly. A crazily analog day planner can bring more clarity, classically writing on its pages in pencil and noting down the way (ideally during the new moon). Just like before, with a touch of poetry – because the stars of love are also lighting up and finally bringing sexy back! Oh, and a yoga retreat in September would be good! Off to unconditional love.


You dear shellfish, who would so gladly be a Lobster, and feel so often as if you have no shell at all. All those “around feelings” can also be difficult for those, however, who aren’t constantly hearing the grass grow. Until June, it would be best to keep yourself stored in a salt tank, at least when it comes to love – so that you can handle your own ambivalence and the mood it results in better, and also seek the support and encouragement that Cancers desire so strongly within yourself. And finally stop making compromises all the time, because the famous end with the horrors is better than…and so on…!

But: Life means well by that at work, and so hopefully you’ve noticed that tongs aren’t just for pinching, but are also best suited for getting a grip. This year is ideally suited for grabbing career opportunities, reorienting yourself, or finally ascending to the boss’ seat. Moreover, Jupiter has to transit through the house of the home, so a major move doesn’t stand in the way (the 26th of October, by the way, is THE day for an estate sale for all the signs). Changes bring blessings, even if the rattly crab only sees it in the rearview mirror!! We say: a silver-plated lobster claw as a symbol (the lobster claw is, by the way, also a beautiful flower, the “Heliconia”) and a boss’ chair by Vitra. When it gets really bad: go float. At the spa. Or at the Baltic Sea. The main point is water.

Zodiac Symbol Leo
Zodiac Symbol Virgo


Yeah, baby – you’ve really roared. Now what? Yawning boredom. That’s how it is for the pussies among us.

2017 holds four solar and lunar eclipses that will take place in Leo and its opposite sign, Aquarius. The idea behind it: eclipses let it get dark, and then bring light back. Is someone ringing? You can already start clearing up a few things without any problems on the 11th of February, put urgent changes into effect, and also think about other people’s perspectives, and not just roar half-asleep from your throne. The lion’s mane gets the chance in 2017 to bend a little straighter and get into order, and nothing stands in the way of a crazy summer in love. The romantic impulses of Leonie Lionheart have induced the universe to bring true love on a golden tray. But the biggest happiness comes in small steps and some forays even need to be well planned. So put on Step By Step by NKOTB, buy a hairbrush, shake out your mane, treat it nice, and let’s go.


The magical woman of the signs, who loves writing out lists, aims for perfection, and happily organizes everything through and through. But just as happily grumbles, at least until everything appears to be perfect. It’s just that it never is and the only constant is change. Flexibility is hot right now – and it is imperative to learn the art of also taking things easy and melting the snow off your soul. Everything that you can’t change can stay the way it is. Patience is also hot right now, and gentle blossoming desirable. Thanks to Venus, experiments will also be popular between February and the end of May: say goodbye to old habits. But please don’t get radical. There are things that are worth holding on to to feel your roots, because at the end of the day Virgo is an earth sign. #urbangardening So get your hands dirty and not just always grumbling away at work. Thanks to the sun, you’ll get a huge burst of energy that will help with a relaxed career advancement. Perhaps at a crazy and chaotic start-up, so that you can sort out your own oh-so-well-hidden chaos along with it. With lots of mail – in all the colors of the rainbow. The Bach flower centaury helps!

Zodiac Symbol Libra
Zodiac Symbol Scorpio


Finding one’s balance is not an easy thing to do. The old detox/retox game, the struggles of the past, that green-eyed guy, the old back and forth – all of that leaves traces, so it’s about time to find balance. Fresh vegetables, a couple of massage sessions and putting yourself first provides for feelings of happiness (and ye, this marvellous Prada top, which is on sale right now, as well!) To be completely at one with yourself, draws all kinds of people to you and hopefully also the one with those big bunny eyes and the house by the sea – as odered from the universe (hopefully this necklace will also be included!!) When he’s delivered on time (in February star of love Venus will be in Libra) he should be recognized as a soulmate, twin flame, prince charming, you name it, and he you’ll be able to give up your hard-won self-reliance. Then jupiter comes along (which happens every 12 years) and supplies you with an abundance of joy, so let’s hope all the cheerfulness doesn’t put you off. So get up on your unicorn and sort the wheat from the chaff to reach new heights. And finally learn, that you can delegate from time to time. Important lesson: you don’t have to deal with everything yourself!


Somehow the old dress does not fit you any longer. You’ve neither gained nor lost weight, but for some reason it doesn’t fit right – all of a sudden. And sometimes the same thing goes for life plans, that don’t apply any longer: they have to be adjusted. However without the poisonous sting the scorpion carries in its tail. Feel, then act – that is the motto. Also refrain from self destruction for the sake of others. Time for a NEW dress! Therefore get rid of all things superfluous, whether it’s in your closet, your basement, your soul or your mailbox (It is not without reason that “The life-changing Magic of Tidying-Up” by Marie Kondo is a bestseller – it works!) Break out from victimhood, set new priorities, define your goals, take a step back and turn inward. Although it’s a rather generic word, for scorpios 2017 is all about “self-discovery”. The time is now! The year starts off wonderfully and sends a lunar eclipse in February (the 11th to be exact), that makes no less than three planets form a magical triangle of joy, fame and a good eye for new projects. A perfect time to make future-oriented decisions, that promise fulfillment. A little retreat to a cave on Ibiza might be a good idea. Take along a tarot deck and think about the last 100 incarnations. Miss Scorpio:  You are sexy and you are magic! Pls. never forget!!

Zodiac Symbol Sagittarius
Zodiac Symbol Capricorn


For sharpshooters, 2017 will be the year to finally assert yourself! After many missed arrows you’ll now aim at the right targets and realize that you’re much stronger than you thought you were. Thanks to the right friends at the right spots, new ideas and their realization are ahead of you. Except for a fairly stubborn Saturn, that has some tiny learning tasks at hand (..if you haven’t been asleep for the last two years, you might have realized that you’re way more powerful than you expected.) Feel free to indulge a bit – however flight is not an option – an extensive vacation would be great! Professionally it isn’t about playing the lone wolf, but to network wisely, in order to draw strength from a community. There is no room for bitch moves and no patience left, to bear it all. Freedom is a top priority in 2017 and that means that lazy compromises are over: it’s high time to reflect on your decisions. Maybe it is also time to do something entirely different. Thus accept all invitations and activate your networks – let’s go. Our friend Cupid is on his way and will bring some arrows along – besides Uranus points towards high spirits. Off you go! Wedding in Italy, congress in Shanghai, wellness in south-east asia, charity in Bangladesh. Now is the time. These boots are NOT only made for walking!


Who exactly is responsible for the horns? I guess you never really know.. Be that as it may, they are there and that’s a good thing! As if you were roaming through the desert on stony ground without water, but with the persistence of a mountain goat and the modesty of a camel.. As a mistress of good order and discipline, who have high expectations of themselves and others, you need worthy tasks. Say no to everything that doesn’t make sense to you and embrace challenge, instead. Be brave! It’s a low drop height. Pluto is in Capricorn and provides for maximum growth without any additional effort. However you should save your big plans for 2018- Especially in April, when Mercury is in retrograde – and we all know what that can mean: rocks on the road, where there hasn’t even been a speck of dust before, computer blackouts, flights booked incorrectly.. A real disaster, but do not take it personally. And please, despite all the laboriousness, allow yourself to be celebrated from time to time. How about a nice little party in honour of yourself? Or maybe permit some strong emotions? Either way, you go step by step. You’ll never forget the view from the summit! It is time to activate the inner goddess and let yourself shine.

Zodiac Symbol Aquarius
Zodiac Symbol Pisces


There is something about the „Age of Aquarius“ – somehow Aquarius women are the people of tomorrow. And sometimes that’s part of their downfall – after all, not everyone likes to be so progressive. From time to time you have to wrap up your revolutionary gen and just invite the others to come along with you. It would be best, to put all the Future Congresses in the hands of Aquarians. The future belongs to you, due to Jupiter in Libra, which will help you secure several patents, enact laws and make sure that the world will turn tomorrow. But even burn multitaskers have to take a step back, communicate and try not to lose sight of the big picture (especially in August when a Mercury in retrograde comes creeping up). Then again, summer is for vacations and lightheartedness. Or you could finally get married (there is a solar eclipse in the house of marriage on August 21). Make sure to wear the dress of your dreams. In 2017 the stars point towards eternal love.


These mystic water sprints are the most spiritual of all zodiac signs although they don’t like to hear it nor admit it and prefer to keep on going against the current. Pisces are practically underwater elfs, that sometimes have to throw on a good neoprene suit to not get harmed by the harshness if the sea, that is reality.

However, the times of feeling misunderstood and misplaced are over – the times we live in call for the exact qualities, that pisces women provide us with: sensitivity, empathy and consciousness for the big questions of life, far of from the visible world. All of these are vital competences that we need at this time. Maybe the world won’t end after all – if so, it is most definitely Pisces like you we’ll have the thank. Yet only if people recognize your great gifts instead of letting you swim away. Your lucky planet will stay in the eighth house until october. It stands for transformation processes, so be courageous, take a dive in the depth and dare commitment. Most importantly: stand by your own sensitivity. You don’t have to drop everything – it is enough to make your dreams come true and explore the unconditional love for yourself. Then everything else will fall into place eventually!

For inquiries of all kind, goddesses oracles or tricky fashion decisions the author looks forward to fairy mail via magic@alexandrakruse.com

Alexandra Kruse

Alexandra Kruse completed her studies in Fashion Journalism and lost her heart to Elle Girl ten years ago. These days she writes from the heart and works as a stylist. Her work has appeared on huge billboards as well as in Vogue, Time Magazine, and numerous other publications. She lives in Switzerland with her little blonde son and her DJing, yoga-teaching boyfriend. Originally from a small German village she worked her way up the fashion ladder via magazines, department stores, and countless bars while spending a fortune on shoes and handbags. She finally found her love, luck, and light in Zurich and believes in unicorns, the power of crystals, and the magic of the moon. She loves to share her universe-approved stories.