Editor’s Pick: Sunglasses from Oliver Peoples x The Row

©Julia Zierer

When it comes to older John Lennon, who doesn’t immediately think of the small, round glasses on his nose? Or with the great Janis Joplin and her big round sunglasses with her even bigger laugh? Even better: Woody Harrelson on the posters for the 90s classic Natural Born Killers, with these red-toned, round glasses, which work like a premonition of what was to come in the disturbingly cool Oliver Stone film? I could go on endlessly, but one thing is clear, round glasses can be found on the noses of very strong personalities. And yet, they stand for love, peace and endless relaxation.

Ah, I forgot, – what’s happening with  Mary-Kate, my favorite Olsen twin? Of course, the LA-glam look is made up of gorgeous vintage kimonos (worn as coats), endlessly long sleeves, floor-length dresses and skirts and huge cups of coffee with: YES exactly! Red-toned round sunglasses, of course! It’s no surprise that the fantastic collaboration between Oliver Peoples and The Row has six models of round glasses. The titanium frame is quite simple and there are five different lens tints including (naturally) red à la Woody and clear à la John (and Janis wore them in every shade anyways). My favorite version of the glasses bear a fantastic name – “After Midnight” – and are fittingly night sky blue.

Oliver Peoples x The Row

Sunglasses, € 350 via Net-A-Porter