Editor’s Pick: Sparkly Glasses by Gucci


There’s a thing about sunglasses. They’re definitely useful – in many respects. They protect our eyes from the sun; that goes without question. And also from eye contact. For many, putting on a pair of dark glasses is the equivalent of entering a “Club of Cool” where you’re instantly unrecognizable but can maintain an overview, not to mention protecting your privacy because things like dark circles or red eyes (from a House of Cards binge-watching session, of course) get to stay hidden from view. In my case, anyway.

Of course that’s not all. A very close friend, who will always point out a fashion faux pas directly and without further ado, has her own wisdom on this topic. In the past, we’ve had heated discussions at regular intervals about sunglasses. Honestly. And that’s because her credo on the topic is as follows: “sunglasses should not be modern, hip, or fashionable, but simply should make you look better – a bit like a mask that you put on to accentuate your best features and lend an air of mystery.”

Sounds reasonable, but it wasn’t always feasible in my Sturm und Drang fashion past. Just once I wanted a clear success, I still remember exactly – seven years ago it came to me: turquoise, glitter sunglasses. Very disco. Very conspicuous. I wore white-bleached hair with them and I felt fantastic. Despite this more-than-noticeable party on my nose, they were also shaped like these giant, oval 70s models that you always see and admire on starlets, Hollywood beauties, and first ladies. Somewhat to my disappointment, my friend liked those glasses.

When Gucci’s very rhinestone-studded sunglasses first crossed my path – namely at the show last September – I was immediately and absolutely done for. Seeing them again later at the showroom, I needed far too much time to try on every single model. Et voilà, these gems of sunglasses have now been in my possession for quite some time.

Even when they’re just lying there, for example on my desk, they look fantastic. And when I was packing my bag in April to head off to Las Vegas, they were the first item that wandered into my suitcase. They’re even more useful for festive occasions like, for example, a wedding brunch on the day after. And the best thing: the shape would have definitely left Jackie O. green with envy, being as large as a shield (also for those less than wonderful Mondays when you want to leave the house quickly without makeup). Needless to say, my dear friend laughed with joy when she saw me with these glasses on top of my nose.

P.S.: Still better and crazier, even JK endorses this model – look here.

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