Editor’s Pick: Lace Dress by Erdem

©Julia Zierer

Social media has confirmed that I can trust my intuition. Interesting thesis (I say to myself as I sit with a café au lait in my favorite coffee shop on the Boulevard St. Germain). More than once I’ve unearthed the themes for my hey woman! articles through old Instagram posts. That, in itself, is ludicrous, because scrolling through all the past “instant” posts I’ve created something like an accidental mood board for myself. But within this tight summary they produce a coherent collage of my favorites.

It’s even more interesting to scroll through our hw! IG account. In the end, Julia and I trade off posting. It’s totally exciting how we balance and complete each other. Sometimes I have to pinch myself as a reminder that I’m not dreaming, in reality I’ve found the best partner that I could possibly have. But, back to the topic at hand.

The magic of “love at first sight” is itself something special in the context of a collection. I find it even more interesting to look at these pieces weeks later. Or vice versa, when half a year later the collection is finally available in stores and how I can, like now, remotely place the lace dress from Erdem in my digital cart. It struck me in June in New York when I saw this beautiful piece during the Resort Presentation (on the left, somewhat cut off). The long sleeves are a contrast to the unusual length (a few inches above the knee), the high-necked black neckline combined with tender light blue and ivory. In my head I was already wearing it with opaque black tights and Dr. Martens. Now I absolutely want to have it, because it’s one of these dresses that a) reminds me of one of my favorite films, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, with the breath taking Julia Christie and a wonderful soundtrack from Leonard Cohen and b) because I would put it on in the morning with a grey sweater on top and for the evening I would change out the black stockings for fishnet stockings and slip on my white Air Force 1 sneakers. And if I don’t wear it, it will hang like a work of art in the window.

Translation: Alicia Reuter