Editor’s Pick: Dream Catcher Earrings from Valentino

© Julia Zierer

What do you wear on a bad hair day? How do you upgrade your favorite “carefree Monday” look? Or how can I add a certain something to an event that’s not just “business” but also “party”? (to quote The Hangover).

These are questions that I want to answer with exactly this pair of earrings. Hair parted in the middle and a deep seated bun with black jeans, a turtleneck and boots, or, with a simple slip dress. And in the evening, a trick of omission: I’ll only wear one of the earrings.

When I discovered these amazing dream catcher earrings in the resort collection from Valentino in May 2015, I was instantly in love. Ever since I can remember I’ve had a dreamcatcher over my bed. It might sound weird and superstitious to others, but to me it’s a talisman (and, of course it has to do with my early obsession with Native American culture). When my mama sent us a “fresh” dreamcatcher for our new Berlin apartment, my boyfriend, as expected, was rather slow to excite. Regardless, it’s been hanging there since the beginning, after all, a good night’s sleep is important (the idea is that the “evil” gets caught up in the spider-like web, while the “good” slips through). Now that Valentino has taken it into their luxurious repertoire, I’ll check my “talisman” for other talents. #goodkarma


Dream Catcher Earrings, € 720 via MyTheresa

Translation: Alicia Reuter