Editor’s Pick: Barcelona Bag von Loewe

© Julia Zierer

What a dream made of canvas! For me, this bag is what a blank canvas is to an artist: Depending on desire and mood, you can create whatever you want out of  it. Which means in my case, that i can combine it with everything. From a weatherproof parka to boots from Sorel or in summer (puh, far away in my imagination but still) with a floral dress combined with plateau sandals. The material is simple and robust, but still looks chic and fends off the imminent leather overload that is especially easy to succumb to in winter. Leather shoes, leather jacket, leather pants, leather belt – you get the idea.

The tricky closure of my Barcelona reminds me of my shark’s tooth talisman, so it attracted my the first moment i saw it. The fact that the space for my dearest essentials (like wallet, keys, iPhone and a few beauty products) inside is limited, doesn’t bother me at all to be honest. The shoulder strap is long enough that you can wear it diagonally over even the thickest coat. So I can run through my day and won’t be held back (very important at the beginning of the year, so much to do, so little time).

Canvas Shopping

Translation: Alicia Reuter