Editor’s Pick: Amulette Necklace

©Julia Zierer

Jewellery is something very personal for me! For ages, people have said that precious metals and stones have special powers—and even if you can’t get down with that slightly esoteric view of it, there’s hardly anything better than the feeling of always having a piece that has special meaning to you sitting directly on your skin: a talisman and good luck charm in one. Always also means on the beach and in the water, and thats why fashion jewelry just doesn’t cut it—sooner or later, it would simply “dissolve” with this kind of constant exposure.

My group of trusted companions is made up of pieces that have been passed down to me by my mother and grandmother, and gifts from my godmother and boyfriend. Honestly, I only wear “emotionally valuable” jewelry. Something very special that’s worth waiting for is an amulet necklace, one that could be worn along with my gold necklace. At the top of my wish list is the small Amulette de Cartier with a diamond set in carnelian, a wonderful orange-red stone that’s mainly used for cameos and cabochons. Above all, the color combination with the gold really speaks to me — a little like Art Deco reinterpreted in the 70s. Carnelian, by the way, was said to protect against witchcraft in the middle ages. #blessed  

Born and raised in Munich/Germany, Veronika’s professional career has developed from being a model to a fashion editor, to online luxury retailing and most recently style editor of Harpers Bazaar Germany. She currently lives in Berlin where in the beginning of 2015 she started a company with Julia Knolle, the ex-editor at large of Vogue Digital.
Oh, and she loves pugs!