Editorial: Summer at the Office

DRESS from gucci

I have a preference to turn night into day and by that I mean, that I like to wear eccentric clothes during daytime, which are actually meant to be worn by night. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m a nightowl and thus always the last one to arrive at the office, but probably also because I reach my maximum potential after dark.

This series of photos, snapped by the talented Julia Zierer, shall document a selection of my favorite summer looks of 2016. It was photographed right around our hey woman! headquaters in Friedrichstraße, which is one of my favorite corners in Mitte. We started at King Size, Berlin’s smallest nightclub, which was recently reopened and we ended at the back entrance of Tacheles, a building complex, that includes a mall and was built in the beginning of the 20th century and was converted to an art space in 1990. After the reunification it was occupied by punks for a long time and was a centre of discussion for local residents and politicians alike. So in a way, this vacant ruin reflects an important piece of history.

While browsing through the photos I suddenly realized: yes, my outfits for the office are actually perfect for going out – I just style them in a manner that makes it equally wearable for daytime. That is why I come to the conclusion, that I just cannot help but turn night into day!

Cover Picture:

On days when it’s still cold outside, but the warm spring sun starts heating up the office already and there is a dinner date scheduled for the evening, my polo dress by Gucci is a true life-saver! I tone down the Royal Tenenbaums reference, by wearing hippie hair and a flower pin made out of silk (Gucci)

Left: DRESS from fendi, SNEAKERS from adidas
Right: PULLOVER aND SKIRT from chloé

In order not to buy a cup of coffee three times a day, I have a special grocery list for the office that says: get all the ingredients for bulletproof coffee. I prefer wearing the high-necked tunic dress by Fendi, including matching leather elements, in contrast with retro sneakers. At the moment the Gazelle by Adidas is my absolute favorite! Firstly because it is made out of suede, secondly because the design reminds me of Kate Moss in the 90s.

After years of paper-warfare the time has come. Tacheles will be torn down and Herzog & de Meuron is responsible for the reconstruction of the most attractive (and still) unused area in Berlin. Since day one I’ve been “discreetly” investigating the state of affairs. My ideal undercover look consists of a tracksuit, a sweater and this boho skirt with flower print by Chloé.

BLoUSE aND pant from dries van noten, SHOES from aquazzura

I can’t get enough of variations of the classic polo shirt. This silky Elvis inspired piece by Dries van Noten is especially great, because all of my favorite trousers – from my Levi’s Vintage denim shorts to my black flared pants – can be combined with it. This XL baggy pants (Dries van Noten) are really cool and provide for that little extra glam. As shirt and pants are quite voluminous, I settle for delicate, but richly ornamented ballet flats by Aquazurra.

DRESS from gucci

To find the right flowers I either seek out a classic, which is Marsano (picture above) or I visit the talented Ruby Barber who owns Mary Lennox at The Store at Soho House or else I let them deliver.

DRESS from valentino

It is finally warm enough for my euro yellow favorite: the silk dress by Valentino.

Left: BLoUSE aND pant from dries van noten, BELT from gucci, SHOES from aquazzura
Right: JACKET aND SKIRT from acne studios

Clearly the shirt and pants by Dries van Noten need a nice logo belt, to add a little extra something. And undone hair is a must. The visitors of the Irish Pub next to the reopened King Size reach their peak volume on Saturdays before noon. This look by Acne Studios, which is composed of a XL blazer and this tunnel drawstring mini skirt, proves that Saturdays are truly made for velvet. The Pac Man sticker by Anya Hindmarch is always present on the battery by Mophie.

BLOUSE, VEST AND BERMUDA SHORTS louis vuitton, SHOES from saint laurent

When we moved into our new office rooms, opposite of King Size which had just closed its doors, we were happy not to be tempted to hop over there for a drink during one of our many night shifts. Even better: at the reopening this April we could witness the fun from the front row. To match the office style, here’s my look by Louis Vuitton: sporty surfer shorts combined with a austere victorian blouse and a leather vest. Cowboy boots and a slim ponytail look great at day and night.


LEFT: DRESS from valentino, SHOES from miu miu

By chance or intentional: here I am dressed in camouflage on one of our daily walks to the Chipperfield Kantine. I’m wearing my favorite dress by Valentino, combined with my favorite ballet flats by Miu Miu.

I’m looking forward to travelling towards the sun with my transparent blouse by Louis Vuitton, even more than I’m looking forward to that after-work drink at King Size. Aside from the obvious advantages, the blouse does not wrinkle, which is perfect.

Left: JACKET aND SKIRT from acne studios
Right: SHOES from miu miu

The said blazer by Acne Studios does not only have these magnificent appliqué pockets made out of velvet, but also a reverse in snake print optic. Finally sporting the Anna look with ballet flats by Miu Miu.

Left: Shoes from coach
Right: PULLOVER aND SKIRT from chloé

Heavy patchwork boots by Coach combined with silk dungarees by Isabel Marant. Double stripes with the tracksuit jumper by Chloé and the Palazzo Empire Bag by Versace. To add some contrast I wear the chiffon skirt with flower print by Chloé.


Left: DRESS from fendi
Right: PULLOVER and shoes from coach, JUMPSUIT from isabel marant

The dress by Fendi with its overcut shoulders and the terrific leather harness, is also perfect on colder days combined with the afore mentioned raven black flared pants. I combine a wonderfully airy pair of euro yellow dungarees by Isabel Marant (net a porter link) with this sweater by Coach, while on my morning commute. In the evening I just pair it with a simple white t-shirt underneath and I’ll wear my ankle boots by Coach. Voilà!

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Translation: Jessica Aimufua
Pictures: Julia Zierer

Born and raised in Munich/Germany, Veronika’s professional career has developed from being a model to a fashion editor, to online luxury retailing and most recently style editor of Harpers Bazaar Germany. She currently lives in Berlin where in the beginning of 2015 she started a company with Julia Knolle, the ex-editor at large of Vogue Digital.
Oh, and she loves pugs!