Detox! Yoga with Michaela Aue

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Sometimes your body needs a detox, sometimes your mind. Our favourite yoga instructor Michaela Aue explains how

For most people, “detox” or “detoxing” equates to a 5-day cold-pressed juice cleanse, eliminating everything bad (aka toxins) from your body, clearing your intestines, and giving you somewhat of a fresh start in the process. I love a “fresh” start, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that the juice cleanse has never really worked for me. I’ve failed quiet miserably two times, running around with an empty stomach and such a terrible case of hypoglycemia that I would have nearly killed my best friend for his protein bar. So, no, it’s not for me. If I think “detox”, it’s much rather about a detoxing of my mind, my thoughts – or better yet – my inner belief system.

I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned the little monkey party that happens every once in a while in my head, and as much as I love a good monkey party, I’d much rather feed them some bananas to keep them quiet. We all know them, those negative thoughts of not being enough, of not being worthy of something or someone, or that feeling of waiting around for the inevitable piano falling on our heads when things seem to be too good to be true. It’s the voice of our beautifully annoying ego trying to take us away from the present moment, leading us back to the long gone past or making us feel scared of the unknown future.

A few days ago, I had a Facebook chat with a very brave friend of mine. He left the safety of his own home and job to go travel the world with nothing but a tiny little backpack. We started talking about relationships, as this seems to be the main area for negative thoughts and self doubt: Does the other person really like me? Am I good enough for him or her? Where is this all going? Where do I want it to go? What if he/she is just playing around with me?! And when it come to what the monkeys start telling us once we welcome a new person into our lives, that’s just the beginning. Relationships, especially romantic relationships, are our best teachers – if we are willing to accept the challenge. Why, you may wonder? Because they take you back to who you truly are. They show you what you still have to work on to become the best version of yourself that you could possibly be. And how do we do that? By detoxing our thoughts.

Detoxing your thoughts means nothing more than catching negative thoughts as soon as they arise. How do we catch negative thoughts? By becoming present! Once an unpleasant thought arrives, look at it. Don’t judge it, just surrender to what is and realize that all of a sudden you are in the here and now and nothing else matters. Once you start doing that, you’ll raise your level of self love to something that you have never experienced before. You will allow yourself to make space for others to love you, and be able to give even more love than you were before.

We must understand that anything negative we hear in relation to ourselves is a lie and that by staying present and eliminating those negative thoughts, we will raise our vibrations. I struggle with staying present, for sure, but I love detoxing my wardrobe – for example, throwing out old things that I will never wear again – and so I love detoxing my mind, getting rid of all negative emotions that are not part of my life anymore. Once you start, I promise you can’t stop. If you are unsure how to start, you can do this new yoga routine that we’ve come up with:

Twists in yoga are often said to be detoxing, so I threw quiet a few on them in there. Twisted chair pose, getting into your legs and spine. Revolved side angle to help you find balance, followed by revolved side angle and twisted half moon pose, also to get into your legs, open the chest, and help you find some more balance. And, twisted pigeon pose to open your hips and reach into any emotions that may still be stuck in there.

Other than that, stillness is your best friend in the quest for truth. In stillness, the voice of your ego starts growing louder and can distinguish between the negative and the positive. All you need to do is choose positive thoughts and emotions and come back to softness and grace with your own life. Or come practice with us at Your Space  

Michaela Aue

Michaela has been practicing Yoga ever since she was a teenager. Having practiced many different styles with many different teachers all over the world, it was not one moment in particular but the cumulation of so many moments and that feeling of being able to create space through movement, that made her decide to become a yoga teacher herself. She started teaching in 2014 and is still an avid student motivated by the deep release and feeling of expansion body and mind receive through yoga and movement. When she is not teaching Yoga, Michaela works as a PR & Communications consultant.