Closet Diaries: Natalie Franz

Natalie Franz isn’t just the CEO of Magicstripes, but also style conscious – red lipstick is her trademark

We take a trip to Hamburg and land at the door of Natalie Franz, a good friend of Veronika’s who she met at a Jimmy Choo photoshoot and whose expertise in all things beauty she knows to trust.

Natalie’s products for Magicstripes (detox and hyaluronic masks, wonder-pads for the eye area) were lying around our office many times, but it wasn’t until I took them home one day and tried them out, skeptical at first, that I was blown away (it works — oh wonder — really!!!). At our lunch with THE OUTNET, I noticed Natalie’s outfit immediately: two-tone slingback pumps by Chanel, jeans, and a blazer by Blazé Milano. The next day, it was clear: she would be a candidate for our Closet Diaries series.

We were met in the light-flooded kitchen with a glass of champagne by an open balcony window — a quick breather and a catch-up before the shooting began. I asked her how it all started with her business idea and listened eagerly to her answer:
“The idea came to me during a business trip to Japan. I discovered a small, transparent, and self-adhesive strip that asian women use to create the eyelid crease that counts there as a beauty ideal (and that they aren’t born with). The small silicone strips are for women and men that just want to look fresher with wider-open eyes, or are looking to even out an asymmetry: they can be used wonderfully to make a smaller eye appear the same size as the other. My left eye was always smaller as soon as I was either tired or plagued with jet lag. I bought all of the packages I could get on the spot. Back in Europe, I used them at almost every shoot and fashion show. The response was quickly so overwhelming that I said to myself, “I’m bringing this product to Germany and putting it on the market there myself!” And suddenly I had a beauty company.”

What is the oldest piece of clothing you own?

My mother’s YSL dress from the 70s.

What was your best buy and why?

My best buy was a pair of Chanel shoes with a little white pearls on the heels. They make every outfit look special.

What is your most beloved piece and why?

I have a pair of really incredible Louis Vuitton over-the-knee boots that my best friend gave me as a present a few years ago. They are so over the top, a collector’s item, and really are almost a piece of art. I would never wear them—but they have something of an emotional value to me, apart from looking amazing. So, I will keep them forever!

You have 5 minutes in front of your closet. What do you pick?

High wasted jeans and a tucked-in shirt, my favorite Blaze Milano jacket with some cool shoes. If you only have 5 minutes, it’s all about the shoes!

You have 30 minutes in front of your closet. What do you pick?

30 minutes to get dressed feels like all the time in the world, so depending on the occasion this is enough to get creative! For me, it’s about finding your own style and showing your personality. It’s about finding what works best for you and your body.

What role do seasons play in your styling routine?

I live in Hamburg—that means I always have to be prepared for the worst :-). So seasons don’t really matter to me. Being comfortable in your daily routine is the most important. I can be comfortable in heels as well as in sneakers. It’s about the mood I am in more than if it’s rainy or not :-).

What do you pack in your suitcase when you’re going on vacation?

A white shirt by Acne Studios, a second hand Levis skirt, Vita Kin dresses, a kaftan by Muzungu Sisters, greek sandals, and of course a few bikinis…

What was your latest online purchase at The Outnet?

A wool cardigan by Proenza Schouler and a Victoria Beckham safari dress.


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