Closet Diaries: Claire Beermann

Claire Beermann is known for her writing in Zeit Magazine and her unique street-style photos: an exclusive glimpse into her private wardrobe

For me, Claire Beermann has two personalities: on one hand, the international one in which she’s being shot by street style photographers and Garance Doré and Manrepeller are asking about her beauty routine or DIY skills for making a perfectly ruched blouse. And then there’s the national one, in which she’s a writer working on wonderful texts for Zeit Magazin (something of the German counterpart to T Magazine by The New York Times or M Magazine from Le Monde), including recent interviews with Demna Gvasalia from Vetements or Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy.

We’ve known each other for years, and I know all too well that even at the tender age of 18 she was overqualified for an internship with my editorial team at the time. Her wonderful stubbornness makes her so likeable and it is always great fun to watch her unique take on things (also on Instagram) and her very personal wardrobe.

So, there was no need for a long decision-making process to find the second nominee for our Closet Diaries. Et voilà, welcome to the world of the wonderful Claire Beermann!

What is the oldest piece of clothing you own?

A leather jacket by Acne Studios that I bought in the 11th grade – it was 50% off, but still insanely expensive for a 17-year-old. But I knew I’d keep it forever.

What is your most beloved piece and why?

The most precious item I own is a customized gold chain necklace with my name on it in Arabic. My parents had it made for me in Beirut. I never take it off. It’s my everyday connection to my second home country, which I miss so badly

What is your safe go-to outfit and why?

My asymmetrical denim fringe top by Marques’Almeida paired with navy blue tuxedo trousers by Acne Studios. The pants are classy, and the top is so weird that I don’t have to add anything else to look interesting

How does the city you live in influence the way you dress?

Not at all. I live in Berlin, where many people seem to try to look as shabby as possible. I love high heels (despite Berlin’s omnipresent cobblestones). I love to wear color and anything bright and eccentric. If I feel like dressing up to go out for dinner, I will dress up – no matter what other people are wearing

How does your vacation wardrobe differ from your daily items?

I tend to forget half of the things I wanted to take with me, so my vacation wardrobe forces me to wear weird combinations – a cocktail dress with a beach bag, a big silk scarf worn as a top. I love that! Nothing makes me feel more like I’m a million miles away from my everyday life.

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Photos & Video: Julia Zierer
Translation “Intro”: Melissa Frost



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