Closet Diaries: April von Stauffenberg

April von Stauffenberg granted us a peek into her closet: from a sequined blazer to a yellow kaftan, there’s no limits

Sometimes you see a transparent trench coat, firmly tied around the hips and covering a colorful outfit, moving through Berlin Mitte on a bike and you just know: here comes April! Sometimes it was supposed to rain that day, and sometimes not. Often she’s wearing a cap, but just as likely a hat. An earring on the left side, gold high heels and glitter during the day, on her way to pick up her daughter from daycare. Or maybe a bright yellow kaftan by Andra Dumitrascu that she clips under her underwear on the side to achieve a Lanvin-esque ruffle.

A mind full of inspiration and ideas, April regularly provides us with her thoughts here on said fashion phenomena. And regularly wakes us up out of our editorial daily business – and with the challenge of not losing any sense for her playful language when we carry her thoughts over to the German language. So when we wanted to feature women with exciting wardrobes and imaginative style, clearly there was no one else but April.

And so our little production team rang one morning at the door of her lovingly decorated apartment in one of Berlin’s old buildings where she lives with her husband and child. White painted floorboards and a bright kitchen with a dreamy view from the balcony are only two good reasons to have spent wonderful morning there. “My closet is a wall of chaotic magic a Pandora’s box that never fails to surprise me”, she said. More glimpses into the “Glorious Style of April” can be found in the video and accompanying interview below.

Translation: Melissa Frost

What was your best catch/buy, and why?

A Prada winter coat I found secondhand that was only 2 years old and a tiny fraction of a sliver of the original price. I had lusted it over it at Colette in Paris, and knew I’d never be able to afford it…until it turned up unexpectedly a block away from me in Berlin.

What is your most beloved piece and why?

My moth-hole-ridden Boys’ blazer form Brooks Brothers that I wear over everything. Very possibly the new blazer by Helmut Lang that I just got at THE OUTNET will replace it.

What turned out to be the best bargain that you were skeptical of at first, but now love dearly?

I bought a trench by Dolce & Gabbana many years ago at full price because I loved the odd cut, but felt like a real turd for paying full price, a month’s rent, etc., thinking it was so decadent that I would get tired of it after a year or so. But now, some 10 years later, I am STILL wearing it and still loving it. In the end, and considering cost-per-wear, it was indeed a real bargain.

What is your safe rescue outfit and why?

A blue button-down men’s shirt from my favorite Berlin designer, Bless! It’s great for hiding (last-night’s glutinous pasta belly) and sharing (though I can button it quite low without being scandalously tarty).

You have 5 minutes in front of your closet, what do you pick?

Five minutes is at least four minutes, forty seconds too much. I need less: 10 seconds. (I am a mom. Need I say more?)

You have 30 minutes in front of your closet, what do you pick?

The wrong thing! Always. And I’ll always end up excusing myself to the bathroom later to remove the wrong socks. Go with your instinct. Listen to your gut!

What role do seasons play in your styling routine?

Other than what the barometer dictates? Winter is “hooray manmade” (vinyl and plastic and faux fur), while summer is earthy (cotton and linen) or even “wormy” (silk). Spring and fall are complicated (Hillary Clinton): that is, statement suits without making a statement?

How does the city you live in influence the way you dress?

Hard question! It’s easier to be Kraftwerk in NYC or London than it is to be, I don’t know, what’s the opposite? Sex and the City in Berlin?

What do you pack in your suitcase when you’re going on vacation?

As little as possible so that I have an excuse to shop – or so that I get to dress like a samurai, babushka, maharaja, or sherpa?

How does your vacation wardrobe differ from your daily items?

No different. Like much contemporary art, it’s site-specific.

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