Best of Fashion Videos: Kenzo Parfums, Stella McCartney & Co.

From Spike Jonze to Harley Weir and Alasdair McLellan – Kenzo, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney and Co. want to know, and present their best fashion films

A lot has been said about how the internet has changed the fashion industry, the best side effect of which being the artistic videos created on it that sometimes spread on their own in no time at all, or lie dormant and completely undiscovered on YouTube as a little secret tip and quiet pleasure. As timeless as we like to make our content here, every now and then we come back to this article that went live when we launched our site.

For me, “Super Label x Young Talent” was about showing how prestigious labels are working more and more with young videographers, for example with the then still “fresh” Harley Weir for Proenza Schouler. It took over a year before we could put together another five videos worth watching. How, for what reason, and why – that’s what I’ll explain to you here:

Kenzo World with Spike Jonze

On the 25th of August, Kenzo decided to rip the fashion world back from the summer break. Spike Jonze filmed the music video for the women’s perfume and it is very evocative of one of his earlier works for the band Fatboy Slim (for the song Weapon of Choice with a dancing Christopher Walken) – of course it went viral immediately! No wonder, actress Margaret Qualley (who happens to be Andi McDowell’s daughter and actually wanted to become a dancer) gets a chance here to show off her full range of talents. The current number of hits: 2.9 million. We’d say it worked out well.

Miu Miu with Found Narratives

The campaign by photographer Alasdair McLellan, who shot Amanda Seyfried among others at the handsome estate of Houghton Hall in Norfolk, England, already left us in lasting awe. Now with some delay there’s a video to accompany it, which already introduces itself with the title Found Narratives.

Palaces and their inner lives seem to still continue to impress the princess in me, which is why one can only hope that more labels will devote themselves so skillfully to carrying over their brand DNA onto film. Parallel to the film, Miu Miu has just published the twelfth edition of Women’s Tales, their own initiated project series of short films. More details about it (because it’s so good) will come at another point.

See the new Campaign Video here.

Stella McCartney with One City One Girl 

I still don’t completely understand what this feature is all about, but that’s also maybe not so tragic. What’s enjoyable is that Stella McCartney has discovered the city of Berlin and gave photographer Lisa Wassmann a platform to place her favorite spots in the capital with DJ/actress Agnes Lindström into the filmic limelight.

Delpozo with Winter Eclipse

Creative director Josep Font took Fritz Lang’s legendary 1927 silent film Metropolis as the inspiration for his Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The filmic staging of Winter Eclipse plays out in a bungalow by Catalan architect Antonio Bonet, where balloon sleeves and embroidered winter coats float through the space. Wonderfully implemented: a retro approach that looks completely modern in the end.

Chanel Fine Jewelry by Bergdorf Goodman

The fact alone that Chanel is making fine jewelry is something I like in the first place. That Bergdorf Goodman is selling it in New York, that fits like a glove. When we met the “online soul” of the traditional department store, Chloe King, she said that she wanted to get more involved with making their own videos in the future. This little trailer is wonderfully successful in that no one less than “newcomer” wonder talent Charlotte Wales came up with the concept. In front of a black background, ballet dancer Courtney Lavine, super blogger Leandra Medine, and others have their say. The conclusion drawn at the end of the film: once again, please! – and that’s even when you otherwise actually don’t wear jewelry.

Translation: Melissa Frost

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