Berlin Fashion Week 2016: Lala Berlin

Videoinstallation / ©Neugebauer

We haven’t made it a secret that Berlin Fashion Week isn’t particularly close to our hearts. The comparison with its international big sisters was chanceless. The unpretentious approach and a touch of creative naïveté to not wanting to understand why no-one was buying the label’s creations and why it was taking so long to breakthrough only confirmed its own irrelevance. For us that means an inner conflict: we love living in this city and would love to pull together in support, but somehow what we’re offered always leaves one in a bad mood. I’m a big fan of honesty and we want to stay true to our principles (for inner peace) and maintain an independent platform where anything can be published—but doesn’t have to be. So, a place where one can actually express what one thinks.

So, Veronika and I were discussing over lunch if we should even go to the Lala Berlin show and it was unanimous: friends gets support. “Rin, rut”, quick in, quick out (something learned from a wise ex-boss) and just as quickly back home. AND WERE WE REWARDED! Leyla Piedayesh, founder and creative head of the label, took a risk and ventured into new terrain. Instead of a runway and show, the guests stood in the center of the me collector’s room and watched a (nearly) 360° video installation by photographer Jonas Lindstroem accompanied by music by Jesper Munk, who followed with a live performance of three songs. The three protagonists in the video amounted to a good trio: new face Lina Berg (currently seen in Stella McCartney’s pre-fall 2016 lookbook), 12-year-old Louise Constein, niece of male model agency Nest’s head Melanie Constein, and grey-haired model Anna von Rueden, filmed in and around Das Stue Hotel.

Inspired by this experience, a fusion for the eyes and ears that was so touching, we snuck outside. Passing A-list guests, my girlhood idol Heike Makatsch among them, we left the event completely content and thanked Leyla and the Instagram team that, against their original plans, they decided at the last minute to make a stop in Berlin. I can only say: welcome to the future, especially when the day after the event a list of the most important Instagram account holders in attendance was sent—and not the usual Z-list celebrities which, among other things, was responsible for the self-distancing described at the beginning. Could this be the start of a new love? Bring it on, Berlin, and try something new—and then maybe in the end it will all work out. (Is it so easy to get me excited when the set-up resembles an exhibittion opening at Kunst-Werke or New York’s PS1? Maybe yes.) More insights on BFW in English by beloved Ana Finel Honigmann to be read on

Impressions of the Lala Berlin presentation at me Collectors room, Berlin

Translation: Melissa Frost