“Before the show” at Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of those great American success stories – endless anecdotes surround the legend. And of course, he is a fashion force with tremendous pop cultural impact. My favorite reference comes up in an episode of Seinfeld, where Kramer believes that CK stole his perfume idea (see it for yourself). While watching you’ll notice: This famous designer, this brand, is cult. Brooke Shields graced one of the first campaigns, photographed by the renowned Richard Avedon, and in the 90s the label experienced a huge revival with the then unknown Kate Moss. It was something of a rebellion against more perfect than perfect supermodels. Today Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber are in campaigns for the brand. And it could definitely be stated: At CK, marketing is written in all caps.

This is precisely why I was so happy (and still am) when Francisco Costa invited me to the studio last week, two days before the show, for a glimpse behind the scenes – where it’s all designed, fitted and edited.

Francisco (creative director) showed me the look board of what’s currently available to choose from – that said, a lot can change two days before a show. Immediately a black, white and sky blue checked pattern and a fantastic fake fur lapel on a masculine coat caught my eye. Proudly, Francisco shows me fake fur samples that shimmer in the most gorgeous red, amber, brown. With an infectious laugh he commented “better not ride the tube in those, they look so real and beautiful, you will get hit by color bombs.” I secretly think about how I might be able to linger here a little longer.

Mia Quinn emerges from the dressing room, she’s wearing an asymmetrical dress with fake fur details and straps that hang down from the dress. These can also be found on the fantastically clean suits in the form of dangling suspenders. And my absolute favorite accessory: the silver choker with a heart lock – punk à la Calvin Klein.  

The best for last: the model board. Mesmerized, I stare at the faces of the next top models – Calvin Klein is known for always having the most exciting new faces, before they’re next season’s superstars under exclusive contracts. (This time the German Franziska Stegemann is on the board, so watch out for her!)

One thing is clear, I’m quite excited to see the finished products at the show. Now, quickly for my own fitting. The choice is easier than easy. Here, my favorite look and the incredible suede leather coat over it. Slip on sneakers, done!

Photographed by Joshua Woods

Translation: Alicia Reuter