The Baby Hair Look

©Collage / Oriane Baud

Stella von Senger shows how best to style your babyhairs: a bit of hairoil and some hairwax et voilà, a fabulous look

When I saw Prada seriously pull off the “baby hair look” at the SS16 Show – and when Valentino followed suit at the AW16 Show – I couldn’t help but wonder: why do we call it baby hair? I thought, well wasn’t I two years early to smell that trend, being in LA, getting pregnant, having a baby, breastfeeding, and then having all the hair to grow back just in time to rock that look front row. If you know what I mean…


Baby Hair Inspiration from Valentino

But seriously, who doesn’t have these cute little hairs we call “baby hair”. And a lot of people seem to have a problem with them – as a hair stylist, I’ve often been asked to “make them invisible”. Guys, it’s 2016 and we should embrace what we have and be proud. I admit, from time to time I stand in front of the mirror thinking this mullet can’t be for real. I look like my Barbie dolls back in the day, back when my 6-year-old self thought giving them a haircut using garden scissors was a good idea and would make them look fabulous. It did not! Leave it to Prada to elegantly transform the annoying into something beautiful.

So for all the women out there eager to get this look started, here’s what you need to do:

Start with either

  1. hair oil
  2. hair gel
  3. hair wax
  4. hair spray
  5. shine spray.

(choose one or all of the above)

A comb and a hairband would be of good use, too.

This could also be a good “bad hair day” look. If you haven’t had time to wash your hair and don’t have dry shampoo to hand (which I feel one should always have), just add oil on top of the grease. After your hair is fully soaked, just comb out the baby hair and place it elegantly along your face. (You would have to cut some of your hair to replicate Prada’s look, which takes us back to the whole Barbie hair tragedy…)

If you happen to have freshly washed hair and still want this look, you could also use hair wax or gel instead of oil.

The perfect comb

The June Ainscough comb is a hair accessory that I do not yet own myself, but dream of when I lie in bed at night. The traditional tortoiseshell look is simply one that never grows old. Any comb will work really, but I prefer to have everyday objects in their most beautiful forms.

June Ainscough

Comb, 20,00€ via Departmentstore Quartier 206

The hairband

When it comes to hairbands, I am yet to be amazed. Even though the Invisibobble is my everyday go-to option – and it is by far the most practical – by no standard it is the prettiest. But, tell me one fashionable woman who has not sported it…in Berlin, at least.

For the “baby hair look”, I’d personally go for something more glamorous. The Céline hair clip, for example.

Hair Wax

Here, you could go for the Rahua cream wax. Rahua’s 100% natural hair and body products not only look and smell amazing, but also give your hair back the elasticity lost to that last dip dye session. The amazing thing about wax is that it offers you control but also gives you space to correct and play around. It stays flexible in comparison to gel, which often sets hard.


Hair Wax, 32,00 € via Niche Beauty

Hair Oil

I prefer using oil for everything. I put it on my hair, my face, my body, and my salad. There are endless oil options, but as far as I know Rodin is the queen. When I first came across the Rodin products while living in LA, I didn’t know if I was in heaven or on earth. Stylist and former Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Editor Linda Rodin created this magic oil by combining 11 essential oils. Honestly, choosing this oil as a hair style helper is rather decadent and glamorous. But hey, that’s just what a woman needs sometimes. You only need to add a few drops to feel fabulous. The smell is so extraordinary it sends you straight back to that perfect Tuscan holiday you never wanted to forget.


Hair Oil, 74,00 € via Niche Beauty


If you want to be sure that your style lasts all day, use some hairspray. For example, Feed Your Hold by Yarok. Hairspray often give me the creeps. Do you remember the awful smell of drugstore hairsprays? Well I do, and I don’t want to smell them anymore – not even a tiny bit. But this one takes me straight to a hammock on a boat travelling through Brazil. It’s so good actually, that I would use it as a room spray.


Hairspray, 33,00 € via Niche Beauty

Shine Spray

And for all of you who don’t like oils, I would go for a shine spray. The one by Mermaid Hair is so brilliantly packaged that I would buy it just to look at it. But on top of that, it also makes for super shiny, healthy mermaid hair – so, I had to have it ASAP. Especially on grey Berlin winter days, these hair products remind me of a summer that seems so far away, yet so soon to come. And for that moment when you step out of your shower, wet hair and brushing your teeth, you’re back lying by the pool in the south of France sipping on an Aperol spritz.

Mermaid Perfume

Shine Spray, 35,00 € via Niche Beauty

Stella von Senger und Etterlin was born and raised in Berlin. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Make-Up for Theatre and Film at August Everding University in Munich in 2013. After living in Paris and New York, she travelled around the world before pursuing her Masters of Special Effects SFX in Los Angeles. Along the way, she’s been doing hair and make-up for magazines such as Vogue, L'officiel, Qvest, Stern Mode, Condé Nast Traveller, and many more. She and her family have just recently moved back to Berlin.