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Vancouver isn’t the kind of city that is comparable to many other cities. It’s located in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, consequently offering the unique combination of being a cosmopolitan metropolis paired with pristine nature experiences. Surrounded by a majestic mountain backdrop and directly on the sea, Vancouver invites visitors to take part in countless activities that couldn’t take place anywhere else but there are a part of everyday life.

Hotel: Fairmont Hotel

This imposing hotel in an Art Deco style is also known as “Hotel Vancouver.” It was finished in 1939 and has served, among other things, as the backdrop for the film “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It’s among the best addresses in the city and beyond its old English charm, offers everything associated with luxury imaginable.

Brunch: Café Medina

This café is paradise for all brunch lovers who also appreciate something special about the menu. Besides classics such as granola and avocado toast, there’s a range of Moroccan-inspired dishes, including tuna ras-el-hanout and tagine with merguez, what are probably the best Belgian waffles in Canada and a number of special signature breakfast cocktails.

Favorite Place: Stanley Park

The largest urban park in Canada can be found right next to the city center and is easily accessible on foot or by bike. With over a half million trees, it’s a magical place for a forest stroll or a walk overlooking the water along the sea front. There are also several beaches for watching wonderful sunsets.

Excursion: Victoria

There are a few travel options for a trip to Victoria, British Columbia, but a seaplane is certainly the most spectacular. In a good half hour’s time, and with a magnificent panorama, you’ll reach the port city at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island. There are a wide range of local attractions, from the beautifully landscaped Butchart Gardens to whale watching.

Dinner: Homer Street Cafe and Bar

The best roast chicken in town can be found at the well-visited Homer Street Cafe and Bar. This trendy brasserie on Homer Street specialized in French classics that really hit the mark. In addition to the menu and the ambience, their great drinks mean that you’ll want to stay for an hour or two longer.



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