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From end March until the beginning of April in Tokyo, everything revolves around the cherry blossom (Japanese: Sakura). Several festivals are celebrated (Hanami) and the public parks resemble pilgrimage sites. The Shinjuku Gyoen Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Tokyo and has particularly many cherry trees. Everyone wants to get a shot at a picture of the lush, delicate pink blossoms here. Selfie-sticks are whipped out, family portraits directed and of course, the compulsory wedding picture can’t be missing.

And even throughout the rest of the year Tokyo is also worthy of more than a journey. Here my highlights:

1. Evenings: Karaoke Kan in Shibuya

In Tokyo, it’s best start off a night with a round of karaoke! Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson’s legendary movie scene was shot in Shibuya at Karaoke Kan. A booth can be rented for a moderate price and the general rule here is, the larger the group of people the more fun you have.

2. Restaurants: Running Sushi in Shionzushi

Running Sushi is one of the most fun ways to enjoy your dinner. The traditional restaurant Shionzushi can be found in Shinjuku. Freshly prepared sushi on small plates continuously runs past you and you can grab whatever serving you feel like. Afterwards you stack the empty plates. Of course, there’s plenty of sake to go with the food.

3. Trip: Sensō-ji-Temple

To take a small trip it’s great to visit Tokyo’s oldest temple, the Sensōji-Temple in Asakusa. Especially on weekends, this place is full of people. They light incense sticks, pull tiny lucky tickets out of just as tiny wooden drawers, and throw money in the temple. True to the motto “Confidence is good, control is better” anything is done to give Karma a helping hand.

4. Favorite spot: Afternoon Tea at the Bulgari Café

You will find all the classic luxury brands in Ginza. Bulgari doesn’t only have a store here, but a restaurant and a bar on the top floors of the Bulgari Towers. Afternoon tea can be enjoyed here from 12pm to 5pm, with a selection of sweet and savory bites arranged in a pretty Japanese box.

5. Hotel: Park Hyatt Shinjuku

To experience the ultimate “Lost-in-Translation-Feeling” a night at the Park Hyatt cannot be missed. The hotel is located on the top floors of 52-level high Shinjuku Park Towers and therefore offers an unforgettable view over the city. In jet lag troubled nights I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than enjoying this view.

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See more impressions by Gloria on “Come fly with me“.
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