Videos: Super Label x Young Talent

Prada Video The Postman Dreams
Credit: Film Still Prada

Enlisting the help of talented, young film-makers to translate a label’s DNA for online is not new. There are two main advantages (over one-dimensional print advertisements): a quick succession of images is transmitted best with music. Emotions are more easily communicated in this way and when successful, the recipient eagerly shares their euphoria via email or other social media channels. That’s exactly what I do. I’m only too happy to get all enthusiastic about a short video. At the moment these are my personal favorites:

Theo Wenner for Lou & Grey

If not before, I was first seduced by Theo Wenner via the music video “Weight of Love” by the Black Keys : think occult rituals, white floor length dresses, Lara Stone and elf-like companions. Following Hopi Allard (who is filming our “Cooking with Johnnie Collins” video by the way) he has now captured Drake Burnette – one of my favourite models – in a film for the label Lou & Grey leaving me deeply devoted.

Harley Weir for Proenza Schouler

Precisely what Harley Weir is doing right at the moment is still something of a mystery to me. But so many of the things that are catching my eye in a positive way turn out to be her creations. So it’s no surprise really that the new film for Proenza Schouler, which was circulating online for some time impressed me: the casting in particular, but the luscious pictures too.

Autumn de Wilde for Prada

I first came across Autumn de Wilde at the Rodarte shows in New York: the posters in the stairwell of the location explaining that filming was in progress and that by attending you also agree to appear in the video were signed with his name. Miuccia Prada took note and let him produce a film in homage to a postman and his fantasies (more on “A Postman Dreams“).

Gia Coppola for AG Jeans feat. Alexa Chung

My love for Sophia Coppola began in the Nineties when I hooked up to the internet and continues on to this day. I’ve been following her little sister Gia since she showed up at the side of James Franco on Instagram. My favourite so far is the karaoke video featuring Alexa Chung to present the capsule collection for AG, which is just about to go into round two.

Petra Collins for COS

And last but not least: You just can’t escape Petra Collins in the last few months. Her “pink bubbles and candy” aesthetic is indeed part of a new image for young women, while currently raising some feminist discussion back in New York. To mark their US launch, COS reacted in a clever way and asked the film-maker to explore the differences between New York and Los Angeles.


Translation: Viktoria Pelles

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