Strength! Yoga with Michaela Aue

Yoga Michaela Aue

There are some mornings that call for something really strong, and I am not just talking about coffee here. It’s those days you somewhat dread, for oh-so-many-reasons. Maybe it’s unpleasant situation, let’s just call them confrontations, that you fear might throw you off balance; maybe you’re procrastinating your job, or perhaps that special project of yours has completely lost its focus. It happens, even to the best of us.

I like to start these kind of days off with a challenging yoga routine, after I’ve had my glass of hot water with lemon of course. For me yoga isn’t about having a flexible body and being able to press my nose against my knees in a forward bend, as tempting as that might sound. Moving through a certain set of poses—some of which more challenging, some less—helps me connect with my body, to listen to it, and to find out how far I am able to go on that particular day. I need to be aware of how much I can challenge myself without losing my breath. Ultimately this helps keep a strong focus on my body and mind.

Once you’ve tried this routine a few times I am sure you’ll notice some changes. Chances are, you’ll be able to keep a stronger focus and things won’t throw you out of balance so easily anymore. And if they do, you’ll soon realize that sometimes that’s not such a bad thing. You’ll fall and pick yourself right back up again.

Today’s session on ‘Strength’ has all the benefits of a short workout combined with the feeling of ease and relaxation. All the great things you want out of yoga. The several plank variations help strengthen your core and will build summer abs. The elusive summer that will eventually make an appearance this year, I promise! The push ups are for your triceps and the yoga lunges strengthen your legs. Half moon or full moon pose will help focus on your balance. The ‘Wild Thing’ pose is included just because you need it and it’ll feel good to open up the chest, lean far into some back bends, and allow the sunshine in. Just for fun we have the funky arm balance, which will definitely keep your mind focused and strong. If you still have some time to listen to your favorite upbeat song after your session, I highly recommend finding a quiet spot and taking that moment for yourself. Let the beat carry you away, allow your thoughts to become light and easy and give your mind some space.

Michaela Aue

Michaela has been practicing Yoga ever since she was a teenager. Having practiced many different styles with many different teachers all over the world, it was not one moment in particular but the cumulation of so many moments and that feeling of being able to create space through movement, that made her decide to become a yoga teacher herself. She started teaching in 2014 and is still an avid student motivated by the deep release and feeling of expansion body and mind receive through yoga and movement. When she is not teaching Yoga, Michaela works as a PR & Communications consultant.