Story of My Life: Acne Studios Wallet

Acne Wallet
© Julia Zierer

My desire for Lemaire’s loafers has passed – at some point even the strongest yearning dissolves, there just have to be enough hopeless (consumer) desires. In the end, however, there are always little things that don’t fade from me and my consumer mind.

I sold my anthracite-colored bag from Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton, I sorted out the Trio Bag by Céline long ago and now the only thing that’s missing is a sensible bag for going out. The simple Envelope Clutch by Jil Sander doesn’t count – it just brings back memories of a traumatic experience (someone brazenly stole two phones out of it). The fact is, the bag MUST be on my body as soon as it’s dark out and I leave home, otherwise we’ll lose each other.

Even if I haven’t found the final model (at the moment I’m ogling the High School bag from Saint Laurent, sooner or later the question will come up: Where can I keep my cash and credit card? My daily wallet is simply too big. Then I thought of the little wallets with their famous form from Acne Studios, which, after a little research, I realized they no longer produce. I dug a little deeper with the press department: As of today there will be a completely new range of small leather goods and the selection makes me sigh in relief.