Shopping: The Parisian Uniform

© Collage / Julia Zierer

Normally, I do okay with my minimalist wardrobe. At the very least, it shows a practical side when you’re standing in front of your closet, want to throw on your clothes and be the first to the office by 8:30am to get some work done in peace. Ideally, after a productive day you’ll look down at some point and still think: Wow, chic shoes! And how comfortable is this men’s shirt!? How cozy this cashmere sweater is! I’m so glad I bought it three years ago (even if it was with a slight pain in my stomach and I lived for the rest of the month on water and crackers.)

But then, twice a year, everything becomes crazy for a month, always pulling me out the door – mainly New York, London and Paris. And then it’s shouting from every corner. It’s always a delight (for my eyes, not my wallet) to see how many pieces you just suddenly have to have. Clothing that I didn’t know existed in such perfection before. Often these attacks disappear as fast as they arrived. Then again, sometimes they don’t.

You can see a selection of the pieces that are making me crazy in Paris (at least for the moment) here: