Shopping List: Art Basel

Shopping Collage

Inspired by the Art Basel, this weeks shopping list by Julia Knolle features labels like Charlotte Olympia, Nina Ricci, Victoria Beckham or Xenia Bous

A couple of years ago, I walked across the forecourt at Art Basel Fair to pick up my press accreditation with tired eyes from not having much sleep. From underneath the canopy designed by Herzog de Meuron jumping out of the almost ancient tram something neon orange blinded me. After a second glance, I realized it was gallery owner Lucy Chadwick who (with no make-up and oversized sunglasses) was on her way to work. I love these moments during the annual special season in this Swiss tiny town. Next to art and best weather, it offers all kind of opulence, especially in terms of outfits. Often considered is the saying “the more the merrier” what I associate with the matter of not being regular. These diligent women manage to smile and seem completely stress free while standing on high heels for hours and five days straight without turning a hair. Here are the diligent Gallerina’s extroverted favorite pieces: