Shopping: Festival at home

Shopping Collage

Today’s to do list loudly proclaims: buy tickets for the ‘Potsdamer Schlößernacht‘ (Potsdam’s castle night, where you’re free to wander around the castles while Tchaikovsky plays in the background) and the Pure&Crafted Festival (you have got to see ‘The Hives’ live, as well as the motorized host Blitz aus Paris). I adore nothing more than a festival that takes place in my own city, it’s so wonderful to wake up in my own bed the morning after.

Since we (Justin driving, me on the backseat) will arrive via motorcycle, the jeans need to sit well and have a loose fit. Mads Norgaard’s model ‘Lucy’ are perfect because of their frayed edges and Zara’s cotton, off-the-shoulder blouse goes great with them. The most important accessory for a festival is a beautiful towel, I particularly love the one from Loewe’s ‘John Allen’ series. Perfect to eat fries and dance barefoot on, just in case the world’s coolest clogs (by Gucci) need a break. When the night turns a bit cooler I like to throw a knitted sweater by Simone Rocha around my shoulders. Its bright red color is, of course, coordinated with my dark red lipstick by Tom Ford. I tend to only wear that specific color when I’ve just come back from a vacation because I have a nice glow and my facial color is so healthy that I don’t need to bother with make up. Basically “bruised plum (which is name of the color) au naturel“. My baguette clutch is by The Row and its ray skin strap is a great contrast to this early autumnal country look.