Shopping: Closed (Royal) Society

© Collage / Julia Zierer

In the upcoming coming weeks I have not one, but two, huge parties. Because I like to travel light my pre-planning has to be meticulous, almost royal. Apropos, both events are taking place in a castle. Anyone who already knows me knows that I’m secretly bursting with excitement in anticipation at the thougth of being King Ludwig’s fairy tale princess. If just for the incredible opportunity to play with the legendarily pompous space, the first thing I’m packing are white retro sneakers from Gucci in their house colors (they have an incredibly exciting family history that I’m reading in every free second – my thanks to Dune Chambaus for the book “The House of Gucci” written by Sara Gay Forden). Only being barefoot could be better on the royal floor. For dinner I’ll wear the most perfectly modest dress from my new favorite label Ellery. The trumpet sleeves (a warning, here you’ll need a bit of skill with your cutlery) are, in my opinion, the most perfect detail on the dress and that’s why I’m pairing it with flashy rings. I’m particularly fond of the mix of “costume jewelry,” such as the lion’s head from Gucci (now I have to admit, the book has its hold on me), “fine jewelry” like the petite oriental ring from Sabine Getty and “Juste un Clou” that’s now available as a “double”. My love for baskets of all kinds has found an outlet with Salvatore Ferragamo. I especially like the chic bag, that despite its inconspicuous yet remarkable design, has enough space for my hair brush from Mason Pearson. For perfectly brushed golden hair, of course.

I’m saving the gold-laced baby-doll from Saint Laurent for my best friend’s bachelorette party. To avoid an immediate reveal, I’ll wear the picture-perfect silk cape from Erdem over it. And my plan to dance the whole night through should work out perfectly with my footwear.

Translation: Alicia Reuter