Shop the Look: #HMbalmaination

Last week in New York, Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, discussed the collaboration with H&M. He clearly expressed his pleasure and surprise about the wonderful quality, which is a signature of the couture house and has been implemented with democratic prices through the Swedish marketing giant. I can happily agree. Real luxury is when the perfect cut is paired with eye-catching opulence in everyday life – and can withstand a critical eye even in the light of day.

It sounds simple, but the perfect oversized coat – a combination of a luxurious bathrobe and a flattering waterproof shell – is not easy to find. This one from Balmain x H&M is perfect. I could hardly decide if I should wear it over a long evening dress, inspired by 90s/Grunge or as a warm winter dress “à la française.” My favorite detail is the turtleneck under multiple chokers.

This knit dress by Balmain x H&M really feels like a Superman costume. In a good way: the long arms, the turtleneck and the advantageous graphics are a great contrast to the opulent belt, the previously described coat serves as a cloak.

Burnout velvet, bling earrings and gold buttons are great during the day when the details are right, or, in my case, for picking up early morning coffee: 1. #allblackeverything 2. pants and jacket should be casual and loose. 3. shoes must be relaxed and flat = keep it real with Timberlands or even better “Heilbrunners 

So much about “Glamour during the day” … the iridescent pink cocktail dress by Balmain x H&M with a turtleneck underneath and flat boots, of course, is perfect for a trip into the fall sun. Magda from “There’s Something About Mary” would be very impressed with the reflection.

For me, the pearl covered velvet blazer from Balmain x H&M is proof that a really special piece of clothing has to be seen on the street – in this case with the dark green suede biker  pants, a black logo t-shirt and my “Heilbrunners.” Sometimes I catch myself conserving favorites (learned from my mother and grandmother) and am all the more sad when I realize during my regular sorting how seldom I’ve actually worn a supposed favorite.

Available worldwide online and in selected H&M stores on November 5.

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Translation: Alicia Reuter