Shop the Look: Chloé Snow

Walking through the park in a romantic daze with true laissez-faire cool – just like Anja Rubik and Julia Stegner (in a wonderful and very now co-campaign with Chloé 15/16). This is definitely one of my favorite visuals. It’s like a theatrical mental mood board conjured at the sight of trees in fall, wind billowing through coats and dresses, perfectly blown-out yet unkempt hair and make-up-less friends grabbing coffee … I’ll stop here to get to the point: Who wouldn’t want to be this kind of woman? I do, for sure!

Obviously, I jumped for joy when, not long ago, Chloé asked me if I’d like to be a model for their snow collection!!! What could be better!?! Especially because I’ve always wanted to find an adaptation of Chloé’s effortlessness in warm winter fashion.

On the topic of “when-you’ve-wanted-something-for-a-long-time-and-it-finally-happens,” Annemarieke van Drimmelen is my and Julia Knolle’s photographer heroine. Making the shoot with the Dutch photographer all the more fun. Her incredible sense of the magic moment is visible in every image. The set was totally surreal because Annemarieke looks like a Chloé girl herself – very very inspiring and picture perfect inside and out (making her our personal hey woman! role model)!!! Her hair blew exquisitely with the wind and I wished I could take her on my next ski vacation!

Snow Capsule Trousers

Snow Capsule Turtleneck 

Snow Capsule Oversized-Parka

Snow Capsule Georgia Bag

Snow Capsule Fitted Jacket

Snow Capsule Slim Flat Front Pants

Snow Capsule Georgia Coyote Fur Bum Bag

Snow Capsule Heather Après-Ski Boots 

Snow Capsule Knit Jumper

Snow Capsule Beanie