Selfmade Experts: Stephanie Moeller on Drag Queens

Stephanie Moeller Drag Queen Collage
© Collage Julia Zierer

Rita Rolexxx was born sometime between February and April 2014, when I first attended “RuPaul’s Drag Race” screenings and drag shows and instantly fell in love with the Queen of Berlin drag queens: Pansy. Religiously attending Ru’s soirees, I grew obsessed with this living embodiment of drag and its culture of self-transformation through flamboyant masquerade, high-octane performance and naughty spectacle.  I was left with little choice but to become heiress to my own obsession. I became Rita Rolexxx. A drag queen is usually defined as a man impersonating a woman for the purpose of performance. I am, however, a trans-human faux queen, a biologically-born woman emulating a conventional drag queen with the heart of an android. My persona is inspired by the visionary Rachael, an android from Ridley Scott’s “Blade-Runner,” who doesn’t know she is an android and Federico Fellini’s highly stylized characters in “Fellinis Casanova”.  At my 80s-themed “coming out” drag ball, I performed to Irene Cara’s “Flashdance… What a Feeling”. Those four minutes on stage have been the pinnacle of my existence.  I cannot stop. Rita Rolexxx continues her trajectory of self-expression through dance and disguise. It is an art and she lives to give.  Stay tuned!

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