Selfmade Experts: How to Launch L’

“You’re at L’Officiel now? What about hey woman!?” I’ve heard this question a lot in the last few weeks. It makes me happy and wonder at the same time, Veronika and I just launched this, our own website, in the spring. I love my day job with our “lovechild” but after a cheerful evening at Paris Bar, when Lisa Feldmann asked me if I would help with the implementation of the L’Officiel website, I didn’t even have to think for a minute.

I’m completely excited about this project because Jalou Media is a small publisher and launching websites is simply a lot of fun for me. At,, and the relaunch of, above all it’s the teamwork that I always find fascinating. This process: the initial fire behind it, to adapt it, completely trusting the programmer at a certain point and realizing that I can completely rely on my two Julias (Zierer and Fricke) until the wee hours of the night.

Last but not least, I always find it extremely rewarding to learn from my “elders,” aka: those who are wiser and much more experienced than myself. In this case, Lisa Feldmann, who has regularly impressed me with her good ideas and valuable approaches. Joachim Bessing, the Editor-at-Large, who, in the years that I’ve known him, has always been a source of new ideas and inspiration. In addition to the creation of schedules and setting up social media channels, of course the creation of content was the most fun. And no, I don’t see it at competition for hey woman!, it is still the digital presentation of a print magazine – to me, now as before, it’s two different pairs of shoes.


My personal highlights were: The conception of the “Making of” videos for the fashion series “From here on out” with stylist Stella Greenspan and Instagram-famous skater and photographer Alex Olson, the e-mail exchanges and Facetime audio calls with teenage artist and super child Lucia Ribisi and the realization that Lars Eidinger loves quotes as much as we do. Despite this great joy, as of December a full time editor will take over the rudder and I, when everything runs according to plan, will be retained by the editorial board as a consultant. And of course, it’s been wonderful to grow with this multi-tasking, however I’m happy as a child to once again be able to bring the majority of my time back to hey woman!. Merci, my dear L’Officiel and Jalou Media team – so long!

Translation: Alicia Reuter