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Chloë Sevigny
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Chloë Sevigny turned 40 this year, but not everyone’s milestone birthday is worth reporting. Buuut: I must confess, I can’t curb my enthusiasm for the American actress – and others feel the same way. Why? My guess: Sevigny can stop time. Twenty years simply cannot have passed since her breakthrough role in “Kids” (1995!) and today. How could someone simply not have changed so much, how could someone simply not have aged so much? Plus: How is it possible that over such a long period, that a more or less always bearable person remains a public figure, without also achieving above-average big things? Good, an Oscar nomination for her role as a supporting actress to Hilary Swank in “Boys Don’t Cry” as well as a Golden Globe for her role in the TV series “Big Love.” Still – is that enough for her constant media presence over such a long period?

In my brief analysis, the key lies, above all, in her consistently sympathetic laissez-faire and “I-don’t-care” attitude. And her endless hunger for burgers from In-N-Out (which we also indulged in during our vacation in LA, more precisely: they coud be found next to us at the Chateau Marmont pool) as well as her unbroken humor (for example). On there’s a good article about the exceptional (!) woman, British Vogue published a considerable feature in May, unfortunately in the online version there’s no slideshow and the art publishing house Rizzoli gave her the gift of her own book for this milestone birthday. Happy Birthday Chloë, here’s to many more!