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Restaurant Dottir

Somehow everything fell into place: Victoria Eliasson had just moved to Berlin to cook in her brother’s studio kitchen when she met Stephan Landwehr, Boris Radzcun and Moritz Estermann, the two founders and the managing director of restaurants Grill Royal and Pauly Saal. An empty building in Mittelstraße was just being distributed and the ground floor premises were the starting point for that what today feels like Dottir.

After numerous stages in high-ranked kitchens in Reykjavik (KOL Restaurant), in Berkeley/California (Chez Panisse) and an inspiring time in Sao Paolo next to master chef Alex Atala, Victoria was ready for her own project. She specifically focuses on cuisine from Iceland, her home country. Recently the doors officially opened and the feedback has so far been overwhelming. No wonder, since the concept of the menu follows a self-imposed regime: a lot of fish, vegetables and by all means no pepper. The ingredients shall be “Pure as water”, ideally no more than three of them with one element of the dish. Every evening there is either a three or five course menu served, optionally vegetarian – that’s it.

Within all the stringency and determinacy, there is time for leisure and reflection. Sundays and Mondays the restaurant is closed, time for the sofa and everything that has as little as possible to so with the kitchen. What a shame – but somehow understandable.

Restaurant Dottir

Your ideal breakfast?

Toasted rye bread with mashed avocado and poached egg.

The song that makes you dance?

The fade out line – Phoebe Killdeer

Childhood hero?

My dad – without a doubt!

Piece(s) of jewelry you wear every single day?

My leather bracelet that my brother gave me 10 years ago in my first visit in Venice

Favorite color?

To wear, grey – to stare at, dark turquoise

Tastiest drink?

Malt og Appelsín (a mix of malt and orange soda that we drink in Iceland during holidays)

Your beauty secret (please tell us about your amazing hair!)?

I have had many compliments on my hair throughout the years and almost as many shocked faces when I reply that I haven’t dyed or cut my hair for nearly 6 years 

Favorite getaway?

Close getaway – my balcony overviewing Berlin.

Further away -Driving a four-wheeler around Corfu (one of the Greek islands)

Restaurant Dottir
Restaurant Dottir

Images: Christoph Mack

Translation: Georgia Reeve

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