My World: Paula Goldstein

Considering her tender age of 28, her professional background reads like a wishlist – Purple Magazine, Dazed & Confused, and now Refinery 29. On the side, Paula Goldstein found Di Principe as well as her own travel magazine, Voyage d’études and recently announced via Instagram that she would be living out of her suitcase for the next six months. Wait, didn’t she just move from London to New York? And she’s already on the road again? That’s the thing about Paula, her life is never boring. Her passion for selfies has never been annoyed me – or anyone else. Her naked images in hotel rooms across the world have always brought a smile to my face. So we didn’t have to think about it for very long before we agreed: Paula’s world had to be included in the hey woman! universe. Here we go:

Your style in three words?

70s, sensual, fun.

First fashion memory?

I had a pair of very loved velvet mules, which I got when I was about 10 after a negotiation in a hospital car park with my mum where I locked myself in a car and her out of it.

Your perfect breakfast?

The egg waffle sandwich at Bauvette in the West Village. I think it’s probably one million calories but it’s so good.

The song that always makes you dance?

Whitney Houston: “Dance with Somebody“.

Your favorite filter on Instagram?

Changes with my mood, I don’t have a go-to – am I weird?!

The book you always re-read?

The Art of Joy by Goliarda Sapienza.

Childhood heros?

The Spice Girls – VB will always hold a place in my heart.

Jewelry that you wear every day?

The tiny studs in my ears.

The designer you expect big things from?

J.W.Anderson is always a highlight, I’m always in love with Sonia Rykiel – and can’t wait to see how that evolves.

The designer you would love to wear head-to-toe when you’re an old lady?

Prada – I’m hoping by my 80s I’ll be put together and effortless.

The bag you wore all summer?

I’ve fallen in love with Pacific Totes … Who needs a swanky bag in the summer?

Your favorite color?


Signature shoes?

I wore my Jimmy Choo Gladiators to death this summer, so I guess they’re a signature.

Your dream car?

1974 Mercedes SL.

Your favorite animal?

Archie!!! My one-eyed Boston terrier.

Favorite flower?


Top three on your wish list?

Marc Jacobs patent boots, Hillier Bartley green velvet dress and Isa Arfen’s  chocolate-colored corduroy coat.

The series you can’t stop watching?


Your favorite drink?

My first coffee of the day.

Your ultimate beauty secret?

Water, water and Embryolisse .

Special hair styling trick?

I don’t really have one. I wash it and then just air dry it and spray in some sea salt.  

Your fashion icon?

Laura Bailey, she’s an amazing human inside and out.

Your favorite getaway to recover?

Italy, it’s like a second home.

The best restaurant?

Rita’s in Hackney.

Your favorite shop?

Liberty of London.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In Malibu or Tuscany, mentoring, writing, making films and growing my own food.