My World: Dune Chambaud

Dune Chambaud Instagram Collage

We’re giving our favorite pug Arthur a little breathing space in order for Dune Chambaud to have a chance to speak. The Frenchwoman works as a consultant for luxury brands in Paris and shares a love for pugs with the hey woman! HQ. Her Instagram account has kept us entertained for a good while now (think: pugs at Calvin Klein panties, pugs in the park, pugs drinking an aperitif—you get the picture), so we think it’s only fair, and about time, to give Dune her own feature and allow her to show us her world.

Describe your style in three words:

Effortless, sensual and on point.

Your first fashionable memory?

My first Fiorucci Jeans Total Look.

Your ideal breakfast?

One hard boiled egg, fresh fruit salad, pretzels, and champagne.

The song that makes you dance?

Mi Mujer – Nicolas Jaar

Favorite Instagram filter?


What’s a book that you’ve read many times?

Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer

Piece(s) of jewelry you wear every single day?

I never take off my engagement ring, wedding band, family ring and Dior Mimioui ring and the accompanying bracelet. All jewelry that I occasionally wear along side those is designed by my favorite jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann.

Designer you expect big things from?

Phoebe Philo.

The designer you would love to wear head-to-toe when you are a granny?


Signature shoes?

Chunky Prada shoes

What’s your dream car?

A golden 80’s Mercedes SL Cabriolet.

Your favorite pet?

My two pugs, of course: George and Louis.

Top three on your wish list?

1. Hike in Patagonia.

2. Go on a whisky tasting tour through Scotland.

3. Photograph Japan’s cherry blossom season.

Your beauty secret? How do you style your hair?

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention and neither should make up. I believe in structured eyebrows, well-manicured nails and natural hair. I find it essential to use reliable products, like René Furterer’s entire Absolue Kératine range for my hair, Mavala’s Nailactan cream, and Dior’s Nail Glow polish for my fingernails.  I style my hair according to the seasons. In winter I love to blow dry it over a giant ceramic round brush to achieve a full and sensual texture. In summer I just allow it to recover with home made avocado masks and natural, salty beach waves.

Who is your fashion icon?

Brigitte Bardot.

What is your favorite getaway?

Fishing on Denis Island, Seychelles. Soulsearching at Villa Lena, Tuscany, Italy. Recharging my batteries at the Delaire Graff Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Best restaurant?

Al Moro in Rome and Akrame in Paris.

What is your favorite shop?

Le Bon Marché.I think I could easily live there. Or perhaps I do already?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I would like to live in Paris for six months a year, and spend the rest of my time somewhere where the drinks are cold and the sun never stops shining.

Translation: Liv Fleischhacker