My World: Carla Camprubi

© Collage/Julia Zierer

These days the description “creative” often triggers rolling eyes and the thought “Okay, but what does that mean?” Well, Carla Camprubi is a pretty good example for exactly this scenario. The 29-year-old Barcelona-born resident studied graphic design but later decided to divide her time in a number of fields – all of which culminate in the world of fashion. Be it communication and PR, consultancy or as a stylist for textile brands and the bi-annual fashion and culture magazine METAL, she’s got her finger on the pulse of the moment.

Outside her professional work she has a keen eye for the arts – whether it’s cinema, dance, sculpture or photography, you’ll find a wonderfully chosen selection of them all while scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through her Instagram feed. Reason enough for us to get to know this Spanish wunderkind a little better.

What do you do for a living?

A little bit of everything. I’m fashion editor, work in PR, a community manager and stylist.

Where are you based?


How old are you?


Where do you source your topics and visual inspiration?

Architecture, art, design, books, movies…

Do you have a specific concept for your Instagram channel?

No, I show and share my daily routine and things that I like.

Please describe your style in three words?

Casual, feminine, timeless.

First fashionable memory?

Maybe an editorial from Bruce Weber for Vogue in the 90s.

Your ideal breakfast?

Coffee, a homemade croissant and fresh orange juice.

The song that makes you dance?

Hummm…. At the moment “Zou Bisou Bisou” by Gillian Hills. (laughs)

The book you’ve re-read over and over?

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Childhood hero?

My dad

Piece(s) of jewelry you wear every day?

A gold necklace from my mom.

Designer you expect big things from?

Gabriela Coll Garments.

The designer you would love to wear head to toe when you’re old?

The Row.

Favorite color?


Signature shoes?

Martiniano or Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

What’s your dream car?

An Aston Martin DB5.

Favorite pet?

Dogs, but I have a cat named Matisse. (laughs)

Favorite flower?

Red rose – a classic.

Top three on your wish list?

Jean Prouve’s Potence lamp, a painting by the artist Nathalie Du Pasquier and a vintage Rolex. (laughs)

Most inspiring movie?

Hummmmm….  any movie by Bernardo Bertolucci or Wes Anderson.

Fashion icon?

Ana Kraš.

Favorite getaway?

Ibiza. My parents have a house there.

Best restaurant?

Il Giardinetto in Barcelona.

Favorite shop?


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Working from my countryside home, more specifically in Empordà, Catalunya, surrounded by friends, husband and kids. With a big garden, thousands of books and magazines, horses and one greenhouse full of flowers, listening to jazz or classical music and with a big wine celler!

Last (cultural) discovery that blew your mind?

Katsuhito Nishikawa.

Top three magazines (on or offline)

The GentlewomanThe Plant JournalApartamento Magazine.

©Collage/Julia Zierer
Zsuzsanna Toth

Born in Budapest and raised in Vienna writer and producer Zsuzsanna Toth settled down in Berlin in 2009. Since her teenage years she has been a collector of magazines and is constantly busy inhaling new publications - both print and digital. After her fashion studies she worked as the editorial and managing director of I Love You Magazine and Freunde von Freunden. Today she focuses her freelance work on the intersection of editorial consulting and content production.