My World: Ana Kraš

Ana Kras Instagram Collage

She creates colorful candy-hued lamps from recycled yarn, that are not only called Bonbon, but also reminiscent of them (super interview here), she’s been a photographer for years, including of the British performance artist Genesis P-Orridge for Apartmento magazine and during her residency in the wonderful Villa Lena in Tuscany she wove a wall installation (in collaboration with Julie Ho from Confettisystem). More recently, she designed tables for Matter-Made, the design line from the legendary New York furnishings shop Matter. The talent and repertoire of artist Ana Kraš seems inexhaustible. The 31-year old flowers in the creative un-categorization of her work.

Here and there the Serbian-native has modeled for campaigns (a favorite: the video campaign for Lou & Grey in Marfa, Texas) and leads a never-boring life between Los Angeles and New York. She lets us partake in her multi-faceted world via Instagram and never fails to impress me with her unique perspective on seemingly unspectacular things. Thus, she’s an appropriate protagonist for a small feature film – which MINI recognized and visited Ana in her hometown of Belgrade. (See Video below). But first, of course, we’ll open with our questionnaire. 


Ana Kras

Please describe your style in three words?

Spontaneous, elegant, sometimes childish.

First fashionable memory?

The Italian magazine Gioia in early 90’s, flipping through an editorial and seeing large minimalist bracelets and soft sand-hued cashmere, and thinking, “Why is she wearing such a huge object on her wrist?”

Your ideal breakfast?

Warm bread, butter, jam, honey or fresh figs on top, or ripe papaya and young white cheese.

The song that makes you dance?

“Lambada” by Kaoma, it’s a trigger for my childhood. I practiced certain moves in front of the TV as as a kid.

Favorite Insta-filter?

I think they are all very ugly

The book you’ve re-read many times?

I don’t usually re-read.

Childhood hero(es)?

The Ninja Turtles.

Piece(s) of jewelry you wear every single day?

These days I’ve been wearing a gold bracelet that was a gift from my brother when I was born.

Designer you expect big things from?

Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

The designer you would love to wear head-to-toe when you’re an old lady?


The bag you wore all summer?

My white patent shoulderbag.

Favorite color?

Navy blue.

Signature shoes?

Men’s Bass Weejuns moccasins with tassels.

What’s your dream car?

Oh, there’s more than one! I adore the Range Rover from the 80s, I love the Toyota Supra and Toyota Corolla from the 80s, or old Toyota pick-ups, and the 70s Dodge Charger, the Subaru Leone wagon…

Favorite pet?


Favorite flower?

I like wildflowers and poppies.

Top three on your wish list?

To cuddle a baby bear.

To cuddle a baby donkey.

To cuddle a baby tiger.

Series you can’t stop watching?

Twin Peaks, the only one I’ve seen more than once.

Tastiest drink?

The shiso leaf, cucumber thing they make at el rey in NYC.

Your beauty secret (please tell us about your amazing hair!)?

Wash your skin and put cream on – that’s all. I like coconut oil on semi-wet skin. Hair – I cut it myself and probably wash it too often because I like to get my head wet every day when I shower. I let it dry naturally, never blow dry.

Fashion icon?

My neighbor, she’s Chinese, her sense of colors and patterns and shapes is beyond beautiful.

Favorite getaway?

Mediterranean Islands.

Best restaurant?

Contramar in Mexico City.

Favorite shop?

The hardware store on Lafayette in New York, they play beautiful classical music.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I don’t know but I’m excited to find out.