Merry Christmas and thank you to the hey woman! team

© Julia Zierer

Somehow Christmas always comes more suddenly than expected: the workflow at hey woman! gains momentum – but before you know it, all of a sudden your e-mail inbox falls silent and all of your valued partners are sinking into a familiar Christmas silence. Before this happens, we want to take a moment at the office and express our thanks:

For the eventful months behind us. For the unlimited motivation of our team members, who, everyday, from early to late night, stuck by our sides. Who trusted us from the beginning and have created the happiest bosses in the world with their valuable input.

In the end, we all share a vision that was reason enough for Veronika and I to leave our jobs at conservative publishing houses: With hey woman! we want to create an online home for young women with a global outlook, a space where they feel uplifted. With high-quality content, different from what dominates the market and rarely encountered in this format.  

We’re so happy, dear hey woman! team, to be taking the next steps with you and thank each of you from our hearts for the wonderful collaborations that confirm everyday that everything we’re doing is spot on.

Merci, dear Julia Fricke, the best assistant in the world.

Merci, dear Julia Zierer, for the best visual eye and your unexpected comeback.

Merci, dear Julia Alfert, for the XXL beauty texts and your most exemplary attention to detail.

Merci, dear Zsuzsanna Toth, for your exceptional eagle eyes.  

Merci, dear Lilli Heinemann, mastermind of tables and indexes.

Merci, dear Anne Philippi, for your own special way of writing.

Merci, dear Gloria Brachmann, our personal hw! travel guide.

Merci, dear Nella Beljan and dear Alicia Reuter, for being the best proofreading and translation duo, with the ability to work chord-like in shifts and bring out the best from our occasionally cryptic texts.

Merci, dear Jens Pieper, for our shared office and your joy for decorating.


We have the wonderful Julia Heifer to thank for this cozy Christmas dinner, as seen on Instagram as @JulesCache and who will hopefully launch her website soon. The bone broth comes from Tribeca Superfood.

Translation: Alicia Reuter