Lower Body Strength! Yoga with Michaela Aue

Finally, our yoga video series continues! Because Michi has adventurously taken a little change of location (to a beach in Mexico!) and will stay there for a while, she prepared our next episode before her departure. In it, she dedicated herself to to the lower body:

I have to admit, my head is usually in the clouds. According to my best friend, it’s about 90% of the time (which is nothing but exaggeration, of course). Anyways, as always, standing with two feet on the ground seems to be something of a mission impossible and I suppose that one or another of you  feel the same way. It’s easy to be distracted, to dream of the future, to reflect on the past, what we could or should have done differently, or what we would have like to have done, if only this or that had happened…

What we forget is that the past is already in the past, a point in time that is not for us to change anymore and the future has not yet arrived. For some of us this might feel like being trapped in the state of “limbo” whereas in actuality this is the so-called present moment, or life in the here and now (and we seem to be missing it). So here’s a thought: Are we ever in that state of mind where we are truly only concerned with the here and now of our lives? And why are we so desperately trying to avoid it? I can’t answer those questions for you, of course, but I can tell you this: the present moment sometimes scares the sh*** out of me.

Because it’s that moment of truth, that moment you can’t run away from you anymore, the moment you have to look yourself in the eyes and accept who you are and how you feel right then and there. But what I had to learn, especially over the last few weeks, is that being in the present moment, accepting my inner truth and being happy and grateful for all the beauty I can find in that, is the only thing I have. That’s life, that’s not running away from it, that’s living it and realizing that we are these wonderful beings on our own unique paths and whichever way we go and no matter how often we might take a turn as long as we are aware and present with our body and mind, nothing can ever go wrong.

So, having said all that, one reason I do yoga is to ground myself and to experience the present moment, to connect with my body, mind, feelings. And whenever I need an extra dose of grounding, I go for this beautiful routine that over time increases your lower body strength and gives you that grounded feeling almost immediately. Revolved side angle, for example, strengthens your legs, knees and spine. It will also increase your stamina over time. Warrior III will help with your balance and improve your posture. Warrior II, yet another one to strengthen your legs and knees but also your willpower to stay present if you move through deep breathing while holding the pose for up to two minutes. And not to be forgotten, Devotional Warrior strengthens your shoulders, legs and most of all your focus. For this sequence you are free to hold the individual poses for longer if you like, simply pause the video. I encourage you to move in deep this time, let time and space be non-existent, it’s all an illusion anyways. Connect with your breath and even more with yourself. Be true to yourself, this is where the benefits await you.

Michaela Aue

Michaela has been practicing Yoga ever since she was a teenager. Having practiced many different styles with many different teachers all over the world, it was not one moment in particular but the cumulation of so many moments and that feeling of being able to create space through movement, that made her decide to become a yoga teacher herself. She started teaching in 2014 and is still an avid student motivated by the deep release and feeling of expansion body and mind receive through yoga and movement. When she is not teaching Yoga, Michaela works as a PR & Communications consultant.