Humor: Pug of the Week


Pug Arthur is partial to a rainy autumn mood so that he can parade about in his rain cape. Naturally, the chic finery is in his favorite color black for a slim cut. Is it chance that luxury labels like Valentino and Alexander McQueen are showing the high-necked Victorian pieces in their own autumn/winter collections?

What is certainly not left to chance is how often Arthur’s favorite dish “Duck with Amaranth and Squash is on the menu. Because (pug) beauty also comes from within. For two years journalist and dog expert Katharina von der Leyen has been researching meat at Bayern’s organic farms – places where animals (cows, sheep, poultry) actually flourish. And, of course, what carries weight for a cultural pug like Arthur: the the cans look awesome, in bright colors, almost as if they were designed by Roy Lichtenstein.


Organic Dog Food, € 3,45 via Leyen

Translation: Alicia Reuter