Humor: Pug of the Week

Mops Pug Hund Dog Arthur
©Ekatharina Iliadis

Feeling a tad exhausted from his recent tooth operation Arthur The Pug remembered his motto “Nothing kills the blues better than beautiful women and/or beautiful clothes”. And off he went to a lunch appointment at Das Stue hotel in Berlin. Where, thanks to Frauke Gembalies’ trunk show in one of the garden salons with Tiergarten park view, he found both in spades. And let’s not forget the CROISSANTS, famously delicious at Das Stue.

Arthur’s Gembalies favorites for Fall 2015 included a divine Prince-of-Wales checked cashmere coat, instantly dubbed by him “The Sherlock” (Arthur happens to be a fan of British crime literature), a feather-light zebra print coat that spelled out “Vreeland”, and this delicious bouclé bomber with a front in racoon fur. Not quite as plush as his own fur, but close. Editor’s note: No, Arthur The Pug is not anti-fur. He is just anti-cheap fur … kind of like Anna Wintour.