Humor: Pug of the Week

Arthur Mops Pug Hund

A still drowsy Arthur in the wake-up room of Tiermedizinzentrum Berlin-Schöneberg! He had to be put in narcosis (famously tricky for pugs because of their tight respiratory tract) for a thorough tooth examining & cleaning plus probing look into his cute little ears. And, boom! On the X-ray, ever-vigilant canine dental vet Dr. Helmut Rux discovered an in-grown molar tooth that needed to be extracted RIGHT AWAY. So out it went.

The blue bandage on the patient’s paw still holds the entry of the intravenous feed. But no worries: All went well – Dr. Nicole Eisele even praised Arthur’s regular heartbeat, proof to his excellent physical form. And his waking up was slow and comfy, with his mistress/nurse stretched out next to him on the Tierzentrum’s squeaky clean pacific-blue lino floor with “Watch Me”, the second part of Angelica Huston’s memoirs.