Advent Calendar – Door 1: The Cellar Case from Ruinart

It’s the same every year, we’re all somewhat amazed when it’s once again “Advent, Advent.” And let’s be honest: now, just as when we were children, we like the idea of an advent calendar – it shortens and sweetens the dark, ice-cold days of winter.

That’s why, when it came up, it wasn’t even a discussion that the hey woman! editorial staff also wanted to offer a small calendar to our readers.

In the first of our four little virtual advent “windows” is made-in-France wooden cellar case from Ruinart. This decorative piece is perfect for stylishly stowing four bottles of Blanc de Blancs – which are, of course, part of the package. And once the bottles are emptied it’s suitable for replenishment of any kind because it bestows the kitchen with a charmingly rustic flair.

Here’s how to join:

Simply send an e-mail with the subject line “Advent 1: Cellar Case Ruinart” to through December 5. You’ll also be subscribing to our weekly hey woman! newsletter with updates from the magazine and other exclusive content. A delivery address in Germany is required to take part.

And so our very first: Ho ho ho!

Your hey woman! team