Free Legs: A to-do list for beautiful legs

© Julia Zierer

You might not want to admit it, but there are some things that can’t be changed: Summer is slowly but surely over. Evenings are getting shorter and pants are getting longer. Along with this goes the sweater-on-top-chic-on-the-bottom-look, meaning a thick Norwegian sweater with a mini skirt and, most importantly: bare legs. An absolute favorite outfit. This means it’s advantageous to have naturally lovely, cared for legs. Clearly, when the temperatures head towards zero, I’d advise against short airy dresses. Nevertheless, anyone who cares for their legs during the winter, even if they stay hidden, can await spring without giving much extra thought to their lower limbs.

This to-do list will help get (or keep) your legs in their best shape.

1. Brush

Granted, dry brushing doesn’t sound very exciting. Yet, it’s actually one of the most effective beauty rituals you can practice at home. A few minutes a day are enough to achieve lasting results: circulation is stimulated, blood flow is encouraged, pollutants are released from the body and the skin is tightened. The Natural Dry Body Brush from Mio Skincare is made of bamboo, natural wild boar bristles and rubber massage nubs to brush tired legs awake. It’s best used mornings before showering or plan a little extra time during the day to massage your bare legs starting at the feet and massaging upwards in the direction of your heart. The slightly flushed skin feels firmer, warmer and tingles with every stroke.


Natural Dry Body Brush, € 17,55 via Net-A-Porter

2. Peeling

In the cooler months skin is prone to dryness. Air conditioning and heating have an effect on legs, which is why regular peeling (twice a week) is a must. Dead skin cells are removed, ingrown hairs are prevented and the skin is prepped for further care. The Natural Exfoliating Grains from Aromatherapy Associates is made up of small granules made one hundred percent out of olive kernels. In no time at all your favorite shower gel or oil will become a peel. Simply take a small handful of grains mixed with a few dabs of your favorite product and apply with gentle pressure from the thighs down to the toes and rinse (for especially effective circulation alternate with hot and cold water).

Aromatherapy Associates

Natural Exfoliating Grains, € 22,23 via Net-a-Porter

3. Lotion

Heavy legs aren’t just a problem in summer. The Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs from Legology contains, above all, caffeine. This improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic glands, flushing out any water retention. The Centella Asiatica leaf extract also reduces puffiness. I apply lotion to my legs and feet daily after showering, massaging it in a circular motion and imagine that my legs always look a little tighter than before. I like to mix the lemony fresh scented lotion with a few drops of a rich oil, for example rosemary olive oil, which binds moisture to the skin. It’s especially effective after shaving and for very stressed, dry skin.


Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs, € 70,21 via Net-A-Porter

4. After Care

This applies not only to beautiful legs, but to the body in general: the right nourishment is a prerequisite to looking and feeling fit and healthy. Anyone who occasionally has enough time to exhaustively search for, shop and prepare seasonal, local organic foods can make it happen. With green smoothies and the cold pressed juices that can increasingly be found in Berlin or with the dietary supplements in the form of a green powder. The modestly named THE SUPER ELIXIR was developed by Elle Macpherson, former model nicknamed “The Body.” Together with nutritionist Dr. Simone Laubscher, she tirelessly searched for the right combination of various super foods, i.e. nutrient-rich foods that enrich the diet. A total of 50 types of vegetables and herbs, vitamins, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics are included in their super powder. All are certified organic and gently processed (cold-pressed and freeze dried). It’s easy to use at any rate: one or two spoonfuls of the surprisingly sweet (probably due to the natural sweetener Stevia) in your morning oatmeal, coconut water or juice and voilà! a green meal is served.


The Super Elixir, € 112 via Net-A-Porter

5. Move

Of course, not even the best of care will succeed if movement is missing. Long walks, jogging in fresh air rather than at the gym and bicycling ensure that the body will stay fit even during the winter. And at home: yoga will lengthen the muscles for legs like a gazelle! Start your day with Michaela’s 10 Minute Yoga and be sure to take a few yoga breaks throughout the day.

Translation: Alicia Reuter
Julia Alfert

Originally from Hamburg, Julia Alfert moved to Berlin from Paris in 2010. After completing her studies in Art History and trying out different jobs, her path led her to Harper’s Bazaar, where she worked as Fashion & Beauty Assistant until mid 2015. While she’s harboured a love for all things beauty-related for as long as she can remember, her discovery of the written word is recent. When Julia isn’t busy trying out different creams, oils, and sprays she writes and styles for an assortment of magazines and websites.