Exclusive Preview: ZEIT Magazin 1995

Zeit Magazin

Just in time for Berlin Fashion Week Zeit Magazin releases its newest issue, which focuses on the year 1995. For his first spread Klaus Stockhausen worked with model Olympia Campbell, who was born in that exact year. We’re proud to exclusively share an excerpt of Rebecca Casati’s lead text which you can read in full as of tomorrow when the magazine hits stores.

The year is 1930 and Marlene Dietrich is kissing another woman in the movie Morocco. It’s the late sixties and Jane Birkin is strolling through the Provence barefoot, wearing hot pants and holding a fag and basket. Flapper Tallulah Bankhead remarks: “My father warned me about men and booze, but he never mentioned women or cocaine …” As children of the nineties we’ve already missed out on fashion’s most exciting moments.

Idealists maintain that this period was shaped by Nirvana and classic designers such as Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, Jil Sander, and Tom Ford for Gucci. The music—from house to drum and bass, to open air festivals—was all British super bands all the time. Oasis, Blur, Massive Attack, and The Prodigy. All of this rings true. And yet, this so-called ‘reality’ was only real for those who managed and arranged their lives according to the meticulous details of that time.

The truth was that most of our day-to-day lives were affected by the likes of Ricky Martin, the Macarena dance, and cries of ‘zig-a-zig-ah’. And we didn’t think the least bit of it. We felt indifferent towards our feelings, things, the world, and our own development. Style was irrelevant and the only thing of true importance was that everyone knew. When we dress like they did in the sixties, we wish for that time to return. But no one is interested in the reality of the nineties, one isn’t serious about them. To the succeeding generation the slightly modified trends just seem brand new.

Zeit Magazin

In stores tomorrow.