Editor’s Pick: “White Noise” by Repossi

Repossi Jewelry

Jewelry has always been more “than just an accessory” for me. If shoes can tell a lot about one’s character, clothes are an expression of your personality, then jewelry is the definitive icing on the cake. I particularly like keeping my talismans on me at all times. These pieces that are especially significant to me. I don’t know what came first: my never wanting to part with the meticulously selected rare pieces, or the fact that I treat them like a part of myself, as if they’ve long merged with my hand, my neck, or my ear. I feel naked without them. Precisely because I rarely take off my jewelry, the pieces have to be easy-to-wear and won’t disturb me when I’m asleep. My two new favorite pieces from Repossi’s ‘White Noise’ collection are just perfect, as they basically “melt” into my skin. I like to wear the fuchsia, rhodium-plated, white gold ring with unpainted, slightly tanned hands. The ring pairs well with my narrow, gold vintage rings and, since I wear one on each finger, it looks like an elegant knuckleduster. The pink-gold choker also fits my aesthetic perfectly. During the day I’ll wear it so it peeks out beneath a thin turtleneck sweater, while at night I’ll pull my hair back into a tight, low ponytail to show it off it all its glory.