Editor’s Pick: Vase by Liberty

Liberty Vase

My favorite time of day is the mysterious, blueish dusk, also known as the “blue hour”. Franz Marc’s painting “The Tower of Blue Horses” has been lost since WWII. In English blue is associated with melancholy and pensiveness while in Germany it equals drunkenness. The Native American Cherokee tribe associates blue with misfortune and defeat. In the Middle Ages blue paint was a precious commodity. Modern color therapy treats migraine, throat ailments, and day-to-day stress with the color blue. Picasso’s blue period was an important phase of his work. The term “blue blood” stems from the fact that nobles didn’t work in the field and thus, had lighter (almost translucent) skin. Blue is the color of Europe. There’s a hue that’s named “Berliner Blue”. Visiting Marrakech’s “Jardin Majorelle” was one the first “to do’s” in my iPhone notes, and the deep blue Moroccan vase, that I found at Liberty’s London, is a small reminder of that.

Find the vase directly at Liberty’s in London or ONLINE.